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Front Disk On Onza T Pro?


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hi ive got and onza t pro and as its nearly christmas i thought of getting a front disk setup. i have a standard t pro so obviously need disk forks, disk hub. do you think this would be a good thing to do and worth the money, if so which would be the cheapest but still very good setup to buy?

cheers marcus (Y)

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I think that if you have the money it's a worthwhile upgrade (Y)

The main difference that you'll feel is the fork, a new one will be much lighter than the onza original and so make backwheel maneuvers easier. the fork i suggest is the echo lite '07 - it's great value.

For you front wheel I think that either the hope XC or Pro 2 will do depending on your budget. Both come with disk mounts and look bling B) . A nice rim is the echo '07.

Finally, the disk brake I would go for if i was you is the avid ball bearing 7. Not only is it half the price of some other brakes, it also outperforms many of them!

At the end of the day it's up to personal preference, but these components are good choices and will make quite a difference to how your bike looks and performs.

EDIT :o Oh, i didn't realise you still had the original bars and stem. If i were you i would put the disk brake upgrade on hold and look at bars and stem. They will make a bigger difference for alot less money (Y)

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I no they might be a bit expensive but I would go for a magura louise i have one on my t-mag and its great. you'll have no trouble breaking but you also have no problem going over the bars if your not carefull with it :P

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