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  1. Subsidence
  2. Ohhhh la de da!
  3. Scooter Forum. Trials is dead.
  4. Everyone went and got old...
  5. I don't understand the obsession with every photo posted to Facebook having some dog ear, tongue, glasses etc filter on top. I read somewhere the dog filter makes you look pretty. No, it just makes you look like a dog, and a mongrel at that.
  6. Who is your friend?
  7. I'm in loscoe, about 20 mins from Matlock. I went to the air crash site yesterday actually. Its a fair old trek up there but there are easier routes. If you attempt it during these months wear warm waterproofs and decent waterproof boots as you have to walk across Moors. I'll post up some photos later on...
  8. If you visit again: American Aircraft Crash site: crash site/B29 site.htm Which not many people know about Also: Thors Cave - Dovedale Steps (nice walk) - Eyam Village - Lumsdale Falls -
  9. I don't often see any riders anymore. I was in Derby yesterday and I'm currently sat waiting for a train into Nottingham... I didn't see any riders in derby and I doubt I will in Nottingham. I don't think it's completely died a death, but the social side has just changed. People don't talk on forums these days, they use Facebook or other forms of social media.
  10. A agree. A friend of mine was wanting to improve his credit score so he applied for an increased rate on his credit card because some score thing told him to. He already has a mortgage, makes me wonder what the whole point is. It's funny because it was something I didn't hear much about 10 years ago... And now every advert on tele is about checking your bloody score.
  11. Tom Booth did 9/11 so he could ride the rubber dingy rapids in heaven. Wake up sheeple!!! I know the truth and I hope one day you will learn too!!!
  12. So, Dave, as you know the truth now how has your life improved? What do you do differently now you know? Personally I think life is too short to worry about anything like this. I have a friend who is a truther who always tells me to wake up, and ironically, I'm tired of it.
  13. What happened to Muel who used to post here a lot?