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'trials'/ Skatepark In Swalecliffe Kent


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does anyone remember about all the hype about the 'trials' / skatepark that was to be built in swalecliffe Kent . well there is some good news for all you trials skatepark riders.

the council have given the go a-head for the £200,000 skatepark to be built. there is no information on the completion date but it shouldn't take long

a clip of information from the net :-

Swalecliffe, near Whitstable, is to have the area's first ever Skate and BMX Park following the approval of a planning application.

At a cost of £200,000, the park will be purpose built for skateboarders and BMX bike riders, in spite of objections from local residents fearing noise nuisance.

The local authority accepted that the purpose built park was a necessity in an area lacking facilities for young people and agreed that work on the project could begin.

The park will be located near the Sewage Treatment Works, and is expected to be complete by the summer of next year.

cant find any pictures but it looks almost all concrete with a few rails round the edges will try to get final designs as soon as possible but i do not know what do you all think????

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me personally i dont think it will be any good for me it will be too flowy and i ride a 1045 python so i cannot do speedy moves but there was a topic on it a while back

skatepark topic

not mentioned in this one

but kinda by me in this one


there is no real real specific trials park in the pipeline for kent but theres talk of trials riders using the swalecliffe park i'm sorry for just adding the info

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