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If you do e-mail them...caps!!!! What is it ith all the NMC and no caps @ the start of there name.

Vids, pics, comp results are what you need to make a begining in getting sponsered

Edit: Well what most say...i should say that as i'm cutting my own foot off really!

Also many topics have been posted on this in the last 2 weeks. Go search before you spam post

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Just to give you an idea of how I got started out, it really began with the right connections. I knew this one fellow that was sponsored by Planet X, and I began to talk to him about a lot of things, then competed with him at a trials comp and he said he wanted me on his team, after showing him what I could do. From there I did everything I could to help the team and my sponsor and eventually once I had been on the team for a while, I had a lot of say in different areas of the company. So as of now, I can really tell you connections are big, but if you don't have any, try getting known by putting out videos and contacting companies through email. If you have the talent and character to be a team player and prove you can help the company, then that gives you a great advantage..aka Ryan Leech. Don't be shy to keep bugging companies either!

Hope this gives you a better understanding of what my experience and understanding of it all is. Just try your best at everything, and whatever connections you have, use those to the fullest!


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