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Stripping Maguras (04)


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Right i have an 04 maggie i don't really like the look of, so i want to raw it/polish it whatever...

i tried to do something similar on my old maguras a while ago and the paint was really tough, so i want to know if nitromors will work?

and if so will it effect the metal in anyway...as maguras can be prone to bending/snapping at the lever anyway.

I hate using nitromors for various reasons, so only do it to save time, and i'm not planning on submergind the whole brake in it or anything, just plan to dab a bit on to give my wire brush a headstart....

so any experience of stripping maguras would be helpful, i know people have done it before.

and i searched but couldn't get anything.


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kris is right, put it on fairly thicky, let it bubble, and then take off with wire brush or whatever. Wear gloves as it stings like f**k. Also wire wool is good for polishing. Autosol will be handy to maintain the shine.

It's the best thing i've ever done to my maggies as they are nowpretty much timeless

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