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How To Use A Canon 350?!


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Hay All,

Well, Ive been interested for photgraphy for quite some time now, more to the point taking pictures of trials. Ive seen much of the work in the members area and in Chit Chat and im simply in awe at the skills of the photographers and what they do to get there pictures!

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a noobies guide to using a 350 manually (Can focus on my own, change saturation, and use the flash prety well but thats about it!).

I was also after some guideance on wide angles shots. With the standard lens I have that comes with the 350 I cant do the angles i see on many photos in members chat, this obviosuly down to which lens they use, but as i have no idea about this would someone be willing to tell me a decent fish eye lens and a genrally wide angle lens (if it helps, I would like to able to take a picture of a rider sidehopping from about a metre away and get him all in. Which appers to be do able in the pictures ive seen?!)

Any help much appricated as im new to this. (Y)


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