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Snap Goes My Forks!


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I have just recovered from having three broken fingers so the first thing i do is go out on my once trust bike. Coming up late in the day i try a hook on some wierd polestyrene reel. First time i try and get up the steering becomes really stiff so i fiddle a bit to loosen it up, second time I go up it gets even more stiffer so I loosen it up again, but the third time i went up my forks snapped at the steerer tube and I nearly got a face full of poplystyrene. A bit of advice from me don't buy echo hi-fi/team forks and if your steering all of a sudden becomes stiff take your forks out and check the steerer tube. On top of all this I now don't know what forks to buy, anyone got any tops tips? cheers Andy (Y)

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Unlucky, how old were your forks? at least you didn't get hurt.

Echo Urbans seem to be a really good choice, No way you're gunna kill the steerer on the new ones either!

my forks were just under a year old so i don't really know if it was just wear and tear, when i get a picture i'll put it on here.

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