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Cleaning Disc Rotors And Pads?


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to get both super dooper good, i would

-sand paper your pads but make sure the sand paper is flat on a desk, to run against, so its flat,

-then clean you rotor with meths and a CLEAN cloth whithout removal, cue to lazyness.

-then cook your pads for 15 mins in the oven

-when a golden brown colour press a knife point through them to check they are done.

(ignore this,just realised it applies to potatoes.)

re fit pads and ride to bed in, use water and muddy crap to aid bedding in if required .

hope thats helps.


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I've kind of found that the whole muddy puddle thing is a bit of a myth when it comes to trials discs; ride for like 200yards with the brakes scrubbing pretty hard, then pour cold, clean water over them. Ideally, when you pour the water on the discs should sizzle and have steam coming off them. Unles you've got them too hot, in which case they'll crystalize and shatter all Terminator 2 style. Which would be cool, after you've picked the bits of rotor out of your legs and had a chance to reflect...

Its been one of those days.


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My Hayes discs (on the XC bike) wouldn't bed in riding around the street, but one little ride in some good mud and they work great. So I guess it depends on the disc, because my Avid BB7 just needed some riding around (no mud/water/anything).

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