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I admit I havn't done a search but I think I would prefer some fresh answers/help?

OK, basically Ive had my Rear Gold CK ISO hub for probably just over 3 years and its only just starting to play up. Few weeks back when I tried to un-do the axle and clean/lube the internals as I normally would the two end alen-key fittings turned the ways they normally would (one 5mm allen key at either end of the hub), but they didnt un-do! they just twisted and I got to the point where I thought they were coming un-done then they would loosen again, and so the circle continues. Sounds like something has snapped to me. The hub wasn't loose at first so I just left it, but yesterday the hub came loose so I couldnt ride on it and so drove home lol.

Basically im just after any help! I dont know whether anybody could sort my hub out? Tarty? Mr. Singleton? Ive no idea what's going on these days in regards to CK hubs.

Many thanks for any help in advance (Y)


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Your axel has snapped or part of it... The quick release end broke on mine so take it apart and identify which part has broken and either replace just that bit or make the change to a heavy duty axel. All the possible spares that you could need you should fine here.

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Is the adjusting cone ( the bit you tighten when your cones come loose) turning when you try to undo the quick release axel ends? if so hold it still by pressing something into the 3 little notches in it and then undo the ends... If that doesnt work have you tried just pulling it apart?

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my first one snap in a fashion that stopped me removing it, hack saw came out in the end. it was scary but if you careful and watch your hub, you replace all the bits you cut. i cut an X into the bit with the quick release hole, then caved it in on it self to get it out. took ages because i was being super careful.

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Just had the same trouble a few weeks back. Put a topic up, and as expected the mechanic maniacs helped out (cheers!) and so now my hub is on the other side of the world being fixed saving me £50 or£100! :) 'King were very helpfull, simple and clear, after a few emails too and from Adrian Knapp at info@chrisking.com he sorted me out with prices, shipping details, addresses (Y) Hasn't cost me anything to get it repaired other than £16 to post it over there.

This is what i did to mine;


I recommend you dont touch it, as i tryed to do (i tryed to undo the axle mangling it abit,and still 'King said it was ok :blink: ) Then email ^^^ 'King explaining the situation and im sure they'l sort you out with a new axle.


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