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  1. Don't you for one second deny you stole that Will Smith track from my Morzine Insta story Ryans bar and stem works well for him. So weird looking though still. Was it a conscious decision to mostly film T.G.S!!! Instead of a mix of both street and "trials"? Enjoyed the edit!
  2. Why do mod riders run front rim rear disc? Because Charlie Rolls. Probably the biggest most stylish, smoothest gaps to front wheel switches I've seen. Video has put me in the mood for riding this weekend!! Cheers boys!
  3. The front wheel tap to nozzer line at 30 secs was sweet. As was the banger hook to gap line.
  4. Reet gid. Wasn't too much "gaps to back wheel hang up", which can usually fill much of a brakeless edit. The gaps down to foot jams in those Vans much be hench!! Liked the gap to foot jam on the sloped reel to 180 off. Also good to see someone has taken the torch from Joe for filming at RAD since he chucked it
  5. Ah cool. Kinda answered your own question then eh!
  6. Edit: Just don't land with your back brake on landing fakie out of abubacas. How hard are you going to be riding the Zero anyway?
  7. Either one of those would have done. *checks availability* *checks what old school bikes I have to compete with*
  8. I've done a few UK based 500mile epics as well as multiple road cycling trips abroad in warm climates. So, Eat LOADS. Drink LOADS. I run 2 water bottles and have bananas in the back pockets (as well as spare change for coffee shop stops) Having a gouch friendly saddle helps. One of the ones with a cut out down the middle that eases the pressure on that part of the anatomy. Going straight into the low front end of a road bike in the drops can be absolute murder. So getting used to that flat back ride position would help. Try not and grip the bars too tightly, but rest your hands on the bars. Swap between the hoods and drops regularly. You really have to think about making circles with your pedal strokes. Being clipped in and finding that flow and consistency with pedalling helps. Bend your ankles as much as your knees. If its cold, a good set of socks and gloves go a low way. The extremities of the body, like fingers and toes go numb the quickest and its not pleasant. If its warm and sunny, get the sun block on the neck, backs of lugs, calves, knees and fore arms. Edit: Oh, and bog roll if you're going to be in the middle of no where for a while. All those energy gels and bars (f**k that shit) mixed with coffee really gets the guts moving. Hope that helps.
  9. I have the one Ali did that to for his proto Yabbaa Stinger. FYI.
  10. Now I'm not sure myself. Nothing a file wouldn't sort out. Shimano Carbon boosters by the way. A fortune on eBay!!
  11. You can still use a 4 bolt booster on a V brake frame if you want to.
  12. That’s what I’m wondering about. Disc and risk snapping it with how piddly it is. Magura on a smooth rim and wear that lovely surface off! Insert Jackie Chan meme..
  13. Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
  14. I also took my time to find the right saddle and post combo. The set angle saddles were just too laid back for how steep the SA is on this bike. They hit the tyre, nose poked too far up and showed too much post. So went for a railed saddle with an inline post and played around the positioning. I think I've got it just about right, following the angle of the top tube (maybe half a degree slacker)? Yay? Nae?
  15. I was just astoundingly lucky. There are two I know of. frame only here And there is a full build black one too. I contacted the boy about getting the black frame only but he wanted a stack of cash on top of the £150 to debuild and rebuild onto the red, which is fair enough, guys trying to make a living but I just wasn't prepared to pay that much. I found mine on eBay for 50quid buy it now. So I bought it now.
  16. Oooh, that I'm not 100% sure on. At a guess it would be 1020, 73, 0, 385. But could also be 1020, 73, -5, 380. Ill see if I can find something online from back in the day. Sure Tarty were selling these so those guys usually have that sort of info on lock down. The back end is fairly twangy. With a QR set up and an old hope bulb, it makes for a boingy brakeless back hop.
  17. You'll all know wheel chair wheels are "fixed" wheels and you stop by using your hands, right? As long as it was super light carbon construction with Ti bolts throughout, it'd be reet.
  18. Akkers on a Hex and Tongue on an Arcade! The dream! Now stop teasing us and get Trial Noir 2 filmed!
  19. Just look like standard BMX wheels to me...
  20. Its worth noting, a few of the shots in this are from a trail I built including that step over/front tyre slide rock line and 180 bash guard line over the log (which Ali built).
  21. Mod stem, 5" rise bars tilted forward, still hits knees on brake levers
  22. Someone's been watching Benito videos.
  23. Would be good to see a "Social round up" of Instagram clips posted in here from the event Do people use a Radfest Hashtag?