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  1. I thought he same of the Hope 88ep too. Which made me
  2. Wow. With how low the Bb is on that, that must feel wild?
  3. Really digging Pechhacker's style. Shin pad man needs to throw them in the sea. Take a pedal to the shin like a real (wo)man.
  4. And there was me thinking he was going to go for the old boring balance line along the log. How wrong I was...
  5. The stem looks fine but if I were you id look in the For Sale section of this forum and pick up some other bars. Those bars you have are reeeeally flat and wide looking. For trials, a wee bit of upsweep on the bars will feel more comfortable. Something along the lines of Trial Tech or TryAll bars... There's plenty to choose from in the FS topics just now. Chain wise, you'll want a KMC 610 - 3"32 width (buy new! should only be 10-15 quid) and pair that with a sprung tensioner, one jockey wheel or two. Either should be fine but a double wheeled tensioner will give you more chain wrap on the rear cog. If its a single cog tensioner, you're best trying to get the chain as tight as you can, almost to the point no tensioner is required. When comparing trials bikes and street trials bikes, generally the rule of thumb is... Trials bike, easier to keep on back wheel for back wheel hops, like gaps. Street bike, the bars and stem are usually set higher and closer to your hips, meaning it should be easier to do things like bunny hops and pulling up to manual.
  6. The trailer.
  7. Which is fair enough. I don't see Nick being bothered about the kudos or even making any revenue from the views. It just seems the right thing to do. Mikee, you don't want to be labelled as a "re-post channel".
  8. giving it a wee shake to get the last bit out there..
  9. Imagine having the choice of a purple or gold saddle. The dream!
  10. I may be able to help you there...
  11. Fort Bill street ride, Friday night. Set up Saturday, comp Sunday. I heard Ben Savage was coming to lamp a local then run away.
  12. Ill sort a link asap.
  13. Go on then?
  14. The truth is out there. I have Ali's, Mikee has Ashton's. Geek oooot!
  15. I’m crying over that piece of earth tape. Although rejoicing over that stealth chain stay mech protection. @Mikee maybe our Ashton posts don’t qualify for this topic?
  16. Sorry, just had a report in that Bens arm was partially amputated. Back on now though.
  17. Oh, wow. That is all.
  18. Put that in yer pie, and wait no longer.
  19. There was this one too..
  20. Drunk from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Skills.
  21. Really liked the shot with the mountains in-between the white buildings. What's the bike? A Hoofmann? You were fairly hoofin the bike around.
  22. Yep, it wasn't raw alu but more of a silver/grey paint. And with a carbon fibre saddle which was never meant to be!
  23. What am I looking at?
  24. +1 for Roawns Black Ashton. Quite liked his raw 24" Ashton Effect with the giro too. MacAskills (formally Ali's) Ti Globe, Pashley Ghz with Curtis forks and an all black Fourplay he had with blue hubs... The one he rode in the Brainchild video when he did the first fakie manual to hop whip. Ryan Leechs red and blue Manifestos. He also had a Ti one years ago which is old-school-cool. Kurt Brains Prototype mk1 Ashton Justice was sexy. The Boxx was awesome, as was the Sky range when it came out. Stan's Orange Sky... Wooft. Also liked Akriggs green brakeless bike with red spokes.
  25. Dude. I posted a link....