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  1. You may find this interesting.
  2. Cant really go wrong with maybe a 100-110mm stem with 10-15degree rise with 2" riser bars with 20-25mm of stem spacers underneath.
  3. Dunno? Let us know.
  4. This dude is cracking me up.
  5. I don't dude, sorry. I was meaning more just churned out off the shelf aluminium frames rather than custom.
  6. The disc mount on the black frame is much better than the yellow banana mount on the limited edition yellow frames. The Giants don't have a seat stay/chain stay brace though, so just watch the dropouts for cracks but i'm sure you'd be fine running a 160/180 if its just for manuals. Just try not to be too harsh on the set up, for example, don't land with the brake on if you are rolling backwards. It kills callipers and frames.
  7. The lure of aluminium was just too strong.
  8. Save the date guys. More details to come when I hear.
  9. So nice dude. Good job.
  10. Jap Slaps. Like nothing better than slappin some japs.
  11. I could try and cobble you together a working brake if it keeps you rolling? C what I did there?
  12. Very cool. The cobbled bank to frenchie line was my favorite. The Leeds grey wall tap was massive. What sort of brake problems were you having?
  13. That one footed seat manual pic is brilliant haha!
  14. Outstanding work mate! Amazing that you managed to source all those NOS parts.
  15. Enter here
  16. So nice. Some rainbow hardware and
  17. Waw! Great looking steed! Back end looks incredibly short
  18. And NEVER back hop it.
  19. Sorry G, I must have missed this first time round! Once there's a comp season planned out, you could tie a visit in with one of the rounds?
  20. Don't worry Neil, so is yours!
  21. Top job boys! Great riding by all. Very cool to see a blue V racing.
  22. Loved it @jamesb Really enjoyed the shoulder dab lines. Because why not, it’s not a competition after all if anything you should be offered style points for it. You look so so comfortable on the bike. Brakes and hub sound spot on, and by that I mean, I can’t hear the brakes but can almost certainly hear the hub. Sounds great! Would you say it inspires any more confidence riding the I9 over any other set up you’ve used? Is the noise noticeable when jibbing? What sort of rebound figures are we talking? Do you have the fork set up reasonably stiff and fast, or any extra tokens?
  23. Dima has some good style. Zero set up or correction hops, no flapping around on manuals (which I almost find a bit creepy sometimes with the super static body position) EDIT: no, there is some knee jiving! and just generally rather smooth. One word for you G. Meeeoow.