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  1. Would be good to see a "Social round up" of Instagram clips posted in here from the event Do people use a Radfest Hashtag?
  2. Wet wipes, peperami and diet coke?
  3. Do you like the way Ashton's ride?
  4. I'm taking his side. No one talks shit about Ashton's!!
  5. Pretty sweet! Looks like a bunny hop machine.
  6. The bike looks sooooo good! Cant remember thinking that about a pure trials bike since the Koxx Sky range.
  7. Loved mine! Super short chain stays, disc mount, V brake mounts, brushed finish, takes a seat, short wheel base, low bb = good for street. Cons = silly big bash plate, V brake mounts (no 4 bolt) always crack at the seat tube where the top tube and seat stay meet (I can remember reading years ago, one of the reasons for it going in this place is because riders wouldn't run a saddle and seat post - The seat post would actually reduce the amount of flex in this area of the frame)
  8. Warranty?
  9. Worth the bump...
  10. Plus points for old yellow slaves. Points off for misaligned bash. I wouldn't be happy cutting my steerer that short!
  11. Granted it's not so pleasing to the eye (both) but the Vader was a bit of a concept bike. I wanted to try something different to see if it worked. It did for the most part, and rode better with a shorter stem than is pictured. That saddle on the Vader was too big and the saddle on the Jitsie is sitting at a shit angle. I reckon the low stand over and saddle look could work...It just hasn't been executed perfectly on both accounts.
  12. What ways?
  13. I think for 700, id make myself like the hex!
  14. Killin Comp is cancelled due to heavy rain forecast... Sorry chaps! Plan is to hold another at the Bob MacGregors Academy again. Keep your eyes peeled for the revised date.
  15. Oh yea? Elaborate, if you will?
  16. Customer - "My frames late". Sick Bicycle Co - "f**k you".
  17. Sick Bicycle Co
  18. That was class. Tune worked so well!
  19. Sweet cheers boys! I don’t do the ol fb anymore, so miss stuff like this! No offense guys but I’m actually hoping it rains and gets cancelled as I can’t make it this weekend! Oh, Rory, if it does go ahead could you please grab me some pics of this and that for the insta page?
  20. Ha! Stealing my thunder boy! Cheers for posting this up. Do you know if David is using Entry Central for the event?
  21. Stunning frame and build! I prefer chunkier more forgiving tires at lower pressures. Those look fast rolling! Still riding like chain slap don’t mean no thang!
  22. I’d like to have a go on that! Looks great, and the bb to bars ratio makes it look beast for manuals!
  23. I thought it was the the grading, trying to make his beard look less ginger.