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  1. I am. I broke my ankle a few weeks ago so not sure on what I’ll be able to do by then but I’ll make myself useful, be it filming for a video or observing. I don’t do grinds.
  2. With the first competition of the year coming up on the 27th of June, I dug out out the old wagon, pulled the brakes and squished the tyres. Still seems to be working!
  3. If you swap your magura clamps round from left to right, the slaves will sit closer to the rim without that shit angle to them. Should mean you’ll get better tyre/booster clearance too.
  4. Apparently Trials Addict have some 36 hole rims. Might not be on their website so worth messaging the boy direct.
  5. Was that Carthy and Damon riding together?
  6. They will if you ask them nicely but can’t get their head around 380mm chain stays. So if you enjoy a labored manual then I’d say GO FOR IT!
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anybody has ever had any experience in using eccentric dropouts on a trials bike? I'd like to know, is there any problems with setting them up with the rim brake mounts? Would I be able to run a QR style hub with it? Would it massively mess up the geometry of the bike twisting the dropout round at jaunty angles trying to tension the chain? I know the advantages - no tensioner to bash and no hanger to bend but does anyone know of or think of any cons? Picture I found. Any help would be great, ta.
  8. Just remembered I had this clip of Marino testing the set up.
  9. Build a bike round a spare hub you had. Literally any one spare part is the start of a new build haha. Been there. And probably going to go there again at some point. Wheel looks great and I do love a 2.4 24” Moto. Go to tyre before the Contis.
  10. That's interesting to hear. What's your source? I did have my suspicions on whether the bike was actually stolen or not, or whether he just didn't like it and decided to bin it haha... That one trip was to somewhere rocky with Edd on his raw Arcade? Buthiers? Anyone got the video?
  11. All black wheels will be the tits.
  12. Cheers John!
  13. Its not made by Mongoose but they probably paid for it. I'm racking my head trying to think of the frame builder.... It'll come to me. Anyway, he soon painted it blue then it was knicked out his van...Annoying. Edit; if you see any close ups of the finish of the raw frame you'll notice flicks of gold paint round the welds. Almost looks like rust - but cooler.
  14. Imo, I think eccentric probably works better in the bottom bracket. That way you only have one cam doing the tensioning. The drop outs were fiddly because you had to centre the wheel between the chain stays, and with a chunky rear tyre and not much clearance with a super short rear end, 26" wheels in a steel frame...
  15. No worries. So, other than changing the geometry depending on what gear ratio I ran, and forever fearing a puncture because I'd have to take it all to bits and reset it again, it was great! The clamp on the cams was tight enough for it never to move, it was near enough equal in weight (alloy cams) to having a small tensioner. Like I say, setting it up wasn't the easiest. I'd have to use a screwdriver to push the cam round and was a wee bit fiddly but I'm sure a man of your calibre wont struggle too much. It would have been easier if the cams were greased but then there would be a chance of them slipping so ran them dry. Marino done a great job of making sure the rim brake mounts lined up but I'm not sure how it would work with a disc with that amount of adjustability/movement in the tensioning of the chain..
  16. You forgot this... "I don’t understand what you’ve done and why you’ve done it... and I’ve now watched it three times. You seem to have cut a tube apart and stuck patches inside it. How, I don’t understand?!?" The foam stops the tube from pinching so hard between the rim and a wall. What's not to get?
  17. You may find this interesting.
  18. Cant really go wrong with maybe a 100-110mm stem with 10-15degree rise with 2" riser bars with 20-25mm of stem spacers underneath.
  19. Dunno? Let us know.
  20. This dude is cracking me up.
  21. I don't dude, sorry. I was meaning more just churned out off the shelf aluminium frames rather than custom.
  22. The disc mount on the black frame is much better than the yellow banana mount on the limited edition yellow frames. The Giants don't have a seat stay/chain stay brace though, so just watch the dropouts for cracks but i'm sure you'd be fine running a 160/180 if its just for manuals. Just try not to be too harsh on the set up, for example, don't land with the brake on if you are rolling backwards. It kills callipers and frames.
  23. The lure of aluminium was just too strong.