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  1. 7.20 for Phil Feenys flat land tyre tap 360 crank flip.
  2. haha, Sorry for pointing you in the direction of a clip filmed on a potato. I should have mentioned at the time about Tim's approach to his crank flips. Yes, it might make it easier to let the cranks spin and hold a decent balance but imo its bad technique/style. He's essentially making it easier for himself. Which is fiiiine but more kudos to you if you can do it with your weight further back.
  3. Ah! It was Switzerland Squeaker cranks flips he used to do too! Skills.
  4. Have a look for old Tim Pratt videos. I'm sure he used to do multiple back wheel crank flips in his Hop Idol video submissions.
  5. Liked the over hang hooks and the bunny frenchies.
  6. Always enjoy listening to Martyn's view on trials.
  7. Doesn’t Andrei Burton own ALL the world records? Most Beroccas drank in one commentary box.
  8. Felt so dirty I had to wash myself with NoPogo after that.
  9. Built up a new comp bike for 2020.
  10. Stacks of chain rings on eBay dude. £7. Boom.
  11. Sorry Chris, that’s still not wide enough.
  12. Cant wait to see him riding Kenny Bs GT trails bike.
  13. Yes.
  14. I’m distraught.
  15. I wouldn’t say retirement, maybe more - vacation it might raise its head again at some point in a different form...
  16. Looks good! You can even upgrade (spend more money) the fork later so it fits the intended size of the head tube!
  17. All this sizing crap is only designed to sell more bikes guys. Not for the greater good of small people. Not once in any of Max's (viral) videos did I hear him say his 24" bike was too big for him. Now there's an option for a smaller bike, Inspired makes up a trick graph and all of a sudden the bikes too big? Did you pay full price for the 22" Max? Vertically challenged Marc Caisso was a top 26" comp rider and was a total boss.
  18. Its a truvativ external locking ISIS BB tool you need. Try putting a smidgen of light Loctite on the treads before nipping up - Should make it less likely to come loose. Make sure your chain ring bolts and threads are nice and clean before fitting the chain ring too (for husbandry and peace of mind). Check for play in the crank to bb interface.
  19. Plus if that's a floating rotor you might be getting some movement in that. So might be worth changing to a 1 piece rotor.
  20. This can’t go unposted in here.
  21. Might be only slightly trickier with the magura pads being eency weency n all.
  22. Easy fix with some tape on the back of the pads.
  23. So smooth and dialed!
  24. Although, still lingers.