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  1. Used or not, the ZEE has two extra pots over the others you have listed. So on paper the ZEE would be the obvious choice. Did someone Hiiiiiiiiiya!! your common sense?
  2. Sorry, I should have been more clear. The bike looks too short for the rider. I gave my Vader to @Paperclip
  3. Jesus. How much landing on your bashring are you doing? Or is this big drops to flat?
  4. I was going to mention this too. I tend to go for the known thicker discs to get faster pad contact and less lever travel. I like my levers to bite quick and at the same distance away from the bar, so as to not contact the back of my middle finger. Obviously there's tool assisted lever adjusters there to fine tune too. SHIMANO.
  5. I ran the SLX for a little while before going to SRAM XO. I filed the chain ring tabs down a bit as well as filing off the bash guard tabs and found no issues. Where did the BB crack? I know some folk run the Shimano Saint 83mm DH version of the BB cups as the drive side has more threads. So if you have chain ring clearance issues, you can run 3 spacers without the fear of stripping the little amount of threads contacting the frame. Its also a good idea to run the dust cover between the cups (I usually removed it, to save weight. Trials init). Keeping it in, not only stops crap getting into the inside of the cups but it holds the cups more plumb under pedalling (BC'ing) forces.
  6. MIKE BECK. Merging the lines between social media profiles and public forum platforms.
  7. That bike looks painfully short.
  8. Shimano man myself. ZEE on the front with EBC red pads. Saint M810 on the back (fingers crossed it lasts a while longer!) with the same pads (or are they TrialTech, cant remember) The one thing I like about the Shimanos is the pad clearance. They run a "servo wave" arrangement where the lever pull ratio "ramps up" as you pull, supposedly delivering more power the more you pull it. #1 Essentially this means the pads are able to sit further away from the disc...Unlike the Maguras, where, I've been told, that any slight bend in the rotor creates pad rub. #2 Essentially this means, if you side hop to the left, yer f**ked. Especially if you're @Rory Semple
  9. A few stills from a recent go pro vid.
  10. "I lifted weights till my biceps were pure hench but my legs still looked like tooth picks"
  11. That's the second time today someone's said that. @Rich Pearson Heres more!
  12. Dreading one or two of the rock sections here as they're always hench! I do enjoy the concrete ones though.
  13. The last thing I want to be seeing on a bike is cables. Bike looks solid.
  14. Cancelled due to low ticket sales. What's the chat with that? Are people finding their fun else where? Less folk riding? Lack of funds?