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  1. What’s this? I’ve noticed a shift! More seated trials bikes at comps these days than pure trials bikes! (Maybe not)
  2. Yeah, YOU!!! Not sure what the rules are regarding brakes though?
  3. Oosh, remember and wear sunglasses!!
  4. For the past few years, Shipley has been used as the closing round for the series. So its usually later in the year for the National Trials Cup to be holding a comp there. I'm not sure what the Tyke Trial folks do, or what they're all about but those guys might hold one there too? For better or worse, it seems like trials in the UK is leaning more towards more of a Euro style set up of man made sections with numerous "Academy" locations being used. "Better", because its not a exposed hill side. "Worse" because, as Ali and Mark mention, you don't get that undulating ground and you don't develop that bike control you need to ride these places. What you will learn however, is how to Up to back from a static hook. So it almost turns into, who can go the biggest, instead of who is the best bike handler. I'm not having a moan btw. Im all for any type of venue, and enjoy riding places like Radical etc..
  5. Call that a trials video?? It didn't even have a story!
  6. Dob stuff was so frickin light! Chris, the boy who was studying at St Andrews was importing it. I picked up a couple of sets of forks. Mine lasted a day and my mate James' lasted no days as he cut the steerer an inch too short
  7. This Sunday, folks!
  8. Keeping the dream alive, riding comps, making vlogs.
  9. I think I’d have to be a begrudging pimp and buy the drilled one at double the price Thanks for the input everyone!
  10. Looks like Dunc has the opposite problem on skinnies. Needing a piss style.
  11. Ooft, think id have a better success rate throwing a sausage up a close.
  12. Dylan gets points for his hope mini front brake.
  13. Yes Dave! Yep, agreed with Bens speed comment!