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  1. What’s it take to qualify you as an athlete anyway? A social media account with a tag line? I don’t mean to pick on Ali, or anyone else for that matter, I think it’s a great thing that someone would aspire to have that status. Guys like Kriss Kyle are very much adopting the athlete lifestyle these days. Many a Instagram story of Jogging and weight routines. Gone are the days of alchohol fueled Friday night Fight night!
  2. If anyone does decide to consume Red Bull/Monster or any other energy drink, please recycle the single use receptacle.
  3. Post some better pictures dude. Better light, better angles.
  4. Out of interest dude. How do you go about finding that sort of work? I know from competing in Enduro and DH events that there is a lot of weekend warriors who pick a spot on a stage and snap away, later to upload their images to Roots and Rain. Some good money to be made if you can make a name for yourself. I also know a couple of people who work for uplift services who snap away on a daily basis. BPW is a good example. Adrenaline Uplift being another. I also know a boy who does a bit of work for mtb coaches who are trying to start up their coaching business and need media for their website. There is so much of that work out there I've even been thinking of doing it myself!
  5. Ahhh, barring standards, isn't building bikes just the best thing ever?
  6. I have friends who have a total pain with 12spd Eagle. The mech is just so flimsy its hard to get the chain to stop skipping up/down. Id go with 10/11 speed myself.
  7. Really looking forward to this.
  8. I second the Nukeproof Mega but in Blueberry.
  9. The ars fell out the 26" mtb market when the industry realised that new standards were going to make them money. So its a buyers market in that sense. Stuff will hold its value until next year when the model hub you had is now 1mm wider and pretty much useless....Or that's what they want you to believe!! Boutique carbon frames will hold some sort of value, yeah. Upper end anything will hold its value, especially if its Santa Cruz. And im not saying that just because im a fan boy. I've trawled a lot of sites - eBay, Gumbush, PB etc etc and that's the feeling I get. You're right about trials though. A pretty much brand new (old) hex for £150 (in FS section now) with seat and headset. Total bargain for buyers.
  10. So. Many. Factors. I'd rather just get scammed off PinkBike till I get what I want.
  11. That bike looks absolute murder to make a wheel swap look good. The position you're in when you switch to back looks very uncomfortable! Hops straight to back from rear look a breeze! Cool spot!
  12. To me the direct sales thing makes prefect sense. Imagine having to call up the bike shop for an update. "Hey bike shop, have Hot Lines (the distributor) got back to you about my bike yet? Hold on, we'll give them a call. Hey Hot Lines, its bike shop here, have the Bike Company (manufacturer) got back to you about that bike yet...? No" Id much rather be in contact with folks myself instead of relying on chasing multiple people up down a chain. Its just a shame it just doesn't seem to run as smoothly as it all should.
  13. I think if I was going for a 27.5 full build it'd be the Nukeproof Mega in Sam Hill Blueberry. I'm not sure how much the Capras are new but the Mega comes in at 5k. I've never had any issues with getting refunds out of Chain Reaction...
  14. Now that’s tight! Crewkerz who?