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  1. Brilliant. Although, I can’t help but think his camera man let him down a bit in this one. Just a few of the shots weren’t framed perfectly imo.
  3. Never Before Done Stunt Liked the quickcrete 360tyre tap and the rock line at the end.
  4. Imagine trying to manual if the trailer was "fixed".
  5. Liking these James, keep'm coming!
  6. So cool James. liking the 28/22 set up with the 30tooth bash. Looking forward to seeing what you can do on this.
  7. 3 of the Scottish Bike Trials club members, including myself, recently gave a little dit on trials in Scotland for STV news. So if you live in Dundee and watch regional news, you’re in for a treat!
  8. I couldn't say yet. Only used with gloves so far but from the feel of them just having a grope, they feel sticky and soft, so no complaints from me.
  9. These bad boys
  10. The thing with grips on my mountain bike is that they need to be lock-ons, with riding gong down in all weathers and the like. As mentioned above, the foam ESI grips come as lock on, so they could be your best bet. Not like you to be running new grips I've been running ODI nipple grips for the past few weeks and really liking them.
  11. at the rock wobble close up. What's going down with your brakes James? Bit squeal'y.
  12. Worth it.
  13. Very tempted to try and film some bits on the mtb myself. Good inspiration this. Not afraid of the gaps I see.
  14. Iron Man dies. The end.