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  1. New Tees!!! Hard tail lines.
  2. Still love that pedal rotation get up thingy. Anyone think of a better name for it?
  3. Going big there! I'd maybe move the camera a bit closer next time. Seemed pointlessly far away on a few of the shots. If you're happy with the distance away then that's cool but maybe adding some close up shots to mix it up a bit might give the viewer something extra. Also, if you have a lot of sky in the shot it creates a bit of contrast in the picture and all the dark bits just get darker. So something to be mindful of. Oh, and if Breath is a sponsor, having the crank and pedal covering half their name isn't going to go down well
  4. Much more watchable Mike. Ill even go as far as to say I enjoyed that (maybe it was the song). Liked the low, lit (topical word) night camera shots. You have a big hop on you.
  5. Ahh, so that explains Kriss Kyles move to....Kappa?
  6. I recently listened to the HKT Podcast for shop talk and all these guys seemed to be super happy with the way the industry is at the moment? A large portion of the chat was about how social media (Instagram) helps their business. I guess Evans just weren't on the HASHTAGGING bandwagon...
  7. I know a couple of lads in the Glasgow Evans stores and they always go on about their store doing reeeallly well..
  8. Its set up to fool you into trying.
  9. Ah, nice. In what way?
  10. Vee’s dont freeze. Neither do mechanical TRP brakes. Heard anything good about them? Not the conventional BB7.
  11. Looking gooooood! Lets see another side on shot with those stickers on. You lucky bas
  12. On compliments. That endo drop pic is class. Face within legs within bike railing.
  13. Don't even get me started on your feet position on the roll out of the fakie at 0.28. Glad Mark put that extra funny clip in after it because I was still laughing.
  14. Firstly, that wheelie drop thing at 0.17 and the ET further on. Get in the sea. Honestly the worst thing anyone can do. Liked the balance and lack of hops on the 180 at 1.43. Also liked the wedge on the brick wall/bench at 2.03. There was something strangely satisfying about the way the bike dropped down the stairs at 2.42. Ender line, hook 90 with the monstrous 360 at the end. Only other bigger 360 I've seen (other than Danny Macs) was Ashton's in Trial Noir. Bike looks awesome. Best colour yet.