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  1. Porters tap frenchie got me excited.
  2. I don't deal with Marino these days but depending on your build they will weigh less than other steel frames on the market and the geo will mostly determine how they ride...So cant answer that one.
  3. Gutted to announce the first round of the Scottish Bike Trials Series planned to be held in Kinlochleven this weekend 22/03/20, has been cancelled. COVID-19 strikes again. No new date planned as of yet but keep practicing, kids!
  4. MBK T1000 Woodman T-pro
  5. Some versions of the Onza Limey, Certain Because frames, Monty Camel. Oh, KOT, Bionic and Zhi.
  6. The Simtra, Koxx Hydrox, the Koxx Sky Red edition, Mk3 Ashton Justice, Yaabaa 1499...
  7. Clips
  8. Its a weird mix of feeling soft and hard at the same time.. I can feel the flex of the wheels, cheese rims and cheap spokes and with the 180 disc on a 26" rim on a underbuilt brake mount. I also have to run the light tyres really hard. The geo works for me but just doesn't have that solid feel of a modern street 24".. I'm not sure how long it'll last so might have to retire it soon before it snaps! I try to limit the amount of times I lock on the brake when landing fakie..
  9. Ideally I'd run the mounting arm parallel with the chain stay and have the tensioner arm around 110-120degreees, like any trials rider would...but the first jockey wheel sits too close to the 18tooth cog. I find with a slightly slacker than normal chain, there's less tension on the system and the cranks spin more freely because of this - making it easier for crank flips. May still go full retar...trials rider and run 22:16.
  10. Changed some stuff. Ratio is 26:18
  11. Whats the benefits to running a short low stem and high rise bars tilted so much like that on that bike? Just prefer the angle?
  12. Put 80psi in and tell me how good they roll. I meant the old highroller. The thing about mountain bike tyres being used on trials bikes, its best to run them backwards. It means the backs of the ramped knobs hook up on edges better. The Maxxis Larsen was the go to street tyre when it was available.
  13. Have a look at the Maxxis DHF in "Maxx Pro" compound. The 2.5 dual ply should be better for the rear. Fast rolling with the compound but plenty big knobs on there to grip on sharp edges. I find the DHF better than the likes of the High Roller as it lasts longer and less susceptible to punctures as the tread depth is deeper.