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  1. So how then for example, did you come up with the start to the inspired Barca edit where the Catalan flag swipes in from both sides? Surely you must have seen that happening in your head before you made it happen?
  2. Sounds so weird coming from someone as creative and imaginative as you, Mark. When putting your edits together, don't you have an idea of how you would like it to look? Wouldn't you have to "imagine" that in your head to then put that idea into action?
  3. I'm not sure who runs that account... I gave my Vader away to Luke a couple of years ago and that was the last Marino I had. I just had a craving for riding older style alu frames like the Ashtons etc again, and wanted to build them better than I did the first time round.
  4. Asked for Arcade geo, and that's what they get... All joking aside, the head angles on mtbs these days are nuts. Pink Bike even had a Alu full sus made with a SUUUUPER slack HA and massive WB, just to see if too far was TOO FAR. Looking fwd to seeing the results of their testing. I air on the conservative mtb geo myself.
  5. There’s now also this joker if you think he’ll do a better job of getting responses?
  6. Like Micheal Jackson at the cinema.
  7. He will be in touch.
  8. Try his insta
  9. How many times do you need to post the same video in the thread dude? This page just took an age to load up for me... There's absolutely no need to have it in the opening post AND the latest.
  10. Find Deano Stirling dude. He has a set of Inspired forks going for £50 posted.
  11. Like when people use a TF tape measure? Not gonna believe it till I've counted how many potato's above bar height it is.
  12. Even mountain bikers think we ride BMX...
  13. Now Canyon can experience what Inspired has for 10 years+. Ah shit, can’t weld there. Ah shit, that tube shouldn’t stop there...and so on.