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  1. 100% most interesting part is that he's not running a tensioner.
  2. Always liked a big drop...Landed properly or not, that was knarly - and on jump bike geo too! Looking forward to more from this dude.
  3. Pretty sure @Jo Prattley was involved in its testing?
  4. Made a mountain bike edit with my brother.
  5. Euro cheese has levelled up. Japanese cheese.
  6. Looks like a fine set up. Try the 10mm under the stem. If you then find its more of a dog on the back wheel, swap the 10 for 2 5mm's and play around with the height.. Bars look "back" enough. Only other advice is practise.
  7. Post a photo of your set up so we can see what we are dealing with, hombre.
  8. Another way of doing it would be to look at what you’re running now, ask yourself does it feel cramped or too roomy, i.e a dog on the back wheel or too hard to pull up to manual? Then go from there. Generally though, whatever you run, the more you ride the more you’ll get used to it, so get out there and give it some beans.
  9. Something like a 90/100 by 10/15 with a 2" rise bar with a 10mm spacer under the stem. Depends what you want the bike to ride like, how tall you are and what length fork you run.
  10. I am. I broke my ankle a few weeks ago so not sure on what I’ll be able to do by then but I’ll make myself useful, be it filming for a video or observing. I don’t do grinds.
  11. With the first competition of the year coming up on the 27th of June, I dug out out the old wagon, pulled the brakes and squished the tyres. Still seems to be working!
  12. If you swap your magura clamps round from left to right, the slaves will sit closer to the rim without that shit angle to them. Should mean you’ll get better tyre/booster clearance too.
  13. Apparently Trials Addict have some 36 hole rims. Might not be on their website so worth messaging the boy direct.