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As the title says is Singapore any good for riding?

I am just wondering as i am going there around about june time next year to visit my auntie who lives out there.

So i am most probally going to take my bike but first wanted to know what people think of it from people that have been there before. Also if you could give me some names of places that would be awsome.


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If you like riding in the heat, humidty and rain then take it. It rains pretty much every day and the humidity is so high you sweat buckets just walking around - not to mention the chafing :o . It can really sap you. I cant speak for all of Singa and i've not ridden there but I would imagine all the cool lines would be in built up areas which are generally jam packed with locals and tourists. You dont see too many high end bikes in Singa or very many serious riders on the street like other countries.

If you're just going for a visit i'd suggest leaving the bike at home, soak up some local culture and eat yourself into oblivion - the food is amazing and cheap!

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