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I've Been Scammed :(


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Think ive been scammed out of £70...heres how it goes....

I recently bought a sony ericsson phone from carphone warehouse with O2, when i got home i recieved a phonecall from what seemed to be carphone warehouse insurance. They told me that the insurance had changed from £120 to £70 a year and they knew my name, address, and some numbers from my bank card (god knows how.). they asked me to confirm this, so i did as they already knew some of it. Now, basically im being charged by O2 for a lifeline lite insurance, and by 'Advance Telecom' for a £70 a month warranty (which was a one-off payment). This company doesnt seem to exist after a search on google. I emailed carphone warehouse, they were saying 'Advance Telecom' isnt an affiliate of carphone warehouse and theyre sending me a questionnaire or something... i then phoned 'advance telecom' and they told me i should phone my bank to cancel the carphone warehouse direct debits, i asked to cancel my insurance with them and they said i am outside my period of cancellation.

So basically, :(

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I don't think its a scam, Carphone warehouse offer an insurance policy, ive got it and it does cost about that much. however i wasnt phoned up- i was offered it when i purchased the phone. And i believe it is called lifeline.

learn to read, its really not that hard.

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it is, its really hard.

How do you get all those numbers to make sense in a line???

As for insurence, My contract Phone, I pay the insurence monthly, about £7, and this was all sorted when I took the contract out at the shop. No phone calls or anything.

I think what happens is that O2 might let your detaisl out to some compaines so they can try sell you stuff you dont need, so you have just bought extra insurence you didnt need from a random company wo sells via data gathering. Scarry really how easily your details are bought and sold between companies. Even something as trivial as throwing out an old hard drvie could give some little arab child your detials for them to scam.

TRUST NO ONE (excpet the Pink elephant)

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learn to read, its really not that hard.

Sorry, i don't understand that comment at all!

I was just tying to help by confirming CPW supply insurance, under that name, and at roughly that cost. I agree it would be worth looking into, but its not as much of a scam as a lot of things!

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