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Heard About Rear Disc Mounts


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there are a few around but i doubt any will work well most have to be sandwich'd over the rear dropouts

if you run 20" or horizontal dropout's if you tension the chain ull have to move the mounting part back which means the you may not be able to get full pads touchin the disk

heres a few links

Ebay Link A2Z Adapter

Link To SuperCycles Adapter

if you do decide to go for it make sure you post up a review of how it worked and pics of how you got it all fitted

i was gonna try it on a t-pro frame as they have flat sided dropouts as a kinda project

hope ive helped cheers

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I have an A2Z mount on a dh bike, it works well, but will not work for trials as it cannot brake a backwards movement. Supercycles one also probably wont work unless you have V mounts, and its ugly and probably pretty heavy.

Could make a mount out of steel and have it bolted to one 4 bolt and to the axle! It's what i'm about to do on my coust so it's dual disc!

The ''coust V2'' is a copy which is sold!


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It was sold, was stripped, clean ready to go but my ''mate'' that was buying it can't as his mumy and dady rule his word at the tender age of 22 and he only had £70 to his name and to last him a month. Next month he may buy it!

Also i killed my proto frame so handy to have a back up! How ever i still am after a new stock!

So no lies, just no point in doing a topic to infom you all! Jumping to conculsions you are!


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