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  1. no thats completely different to the 04 model TPA. but thanks though! i found a spare brake and replaced it now but still would be nice to know if you can still buy new spare for the old brake levers lol xx
  2. i have some maguras, think they are the 04 model. but the bolt that is behind the red on the go pad adjuster has snapped, was wondering if anywhere sell this ? thanks this is the brake, hs33 it is a threaded bolt with a kind of square 'y' shaped head, Beckett xx
  3. Hi everyone, Been ages since i have been on here!! and a very long time since i have made any videos! here is a bit of fun i have been having to keep me motivated to ride hope you all enjoy and your thoughts would be appreciated
  4. yo man have you got msn im interested in your blue king wheel

  5. looks sweet you guys urgg i need to get out more, ent seen you lot for ages!! Xx
  6. if weather is still ok in a few i'll maybe come oxford for a bit guys xx
  7. urg someone upload it to you tube or tv.isg or somin:) Beckett xx
  8. Gooood one Bessel, really ent a huge fan of natty riding but you made it enjoyable to watch ride soon buddy xx
  9. I'll most likely be there BRAPS xx
  10. I can't ride monday matey i wanna do pourtsmouth southsea again soon brake is rock pads blue on front, n cnc cousts on rear both oldish grinds no tar or any of that shit i'll have a go at makin a proper vid when i get more time to film n that xxx
  11. yoooooo. jus few clips testing out this camera, nothing speshial, few things a bit repetative, but still ok when i get more time i'll probly make a vid with some more challengin shizz commernts xxx
  12. any of those days will do as long as it's as hot as last time xxxx
  13. ey dave you lot wernt at the rocks when i came down at alf 1 i drove rnd town lookin for everyone but cudnt see anybody
  14. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dave i'll deffo come down to the rocks with you my loverly! mite come into town n ride aswell, not sure yet man love youuuuu x x x xxxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. ye lover that was pretty good sir:) some of you editing was pretty minto! trialsforum video thing is mega slow for me though !! you should come to oxford rocks n get some of your natural habitat fooootage ride sooon matey loveeeee youuu x x x x