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Couple Of Questions

Saracen Kid

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i got a couple of questions on the above topics;

1. where can a buy a saracen mech hanger as mine went ping?

2. what color goes well with a pure frame?

3. when i get my pure should i run gears ? iam into all round trials a bit of street a bit of natural and if i get super good comps! (Y)

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you can get a saracn mech from several places

1 your local bike shop should be able to order one for you

2 try tarty bikes theyve got everything

3 go direct to saracen and order one from them

echo pure frame seem to match any colour but keep it simple they look poo if there over built

finally about gears

no everyone runs them but no everyone is the same, its all personal choice, its a good idea if you ride a distance between spots , but then again its just something else to go wrong

hope i have helped

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I have a pure myself, it seems like a great frame. I've just gone for black and silver - I think it looks nice but maybe a bit boring.

I've gone for single speed as I never seem to be able to get gears to work perfectly. The gear I run (22:18) seems fine for trials riding but being able to change up to a higher gear would make it better for riding any distance.


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