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Monty Cranks


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Well basically at the minute i run try-all cranks and with my eno there are not enough threads on the drive side to safely run a bash ring (it screw on to about 5 threads) so what i'm asking is, can i run a set of monty cranks with an eno and a bash ???

pictures would be great i guess :- but any helps awsome :lol:

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I have an ACS Claws freewheel and a Echo Bashring [ HERE ] on my bike atm, I have a try-all 127.5x68mm BB though, as its the only BB i know off that will run it. But yes it should work, the Freewheel, doesnt go on 100% but its safe :)

Ran mine like it for a good while now. sweet as a nut!

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After a bit of measuring etc... I think it is *possible* but not recommended. You ideally need at least 7mm of contact between sprocket/freewheel (therefore 11-12mm of thread overall), and the Monty cranks don't offer that much unfortunately.

On a similar note - some bashrings are thinner at the base than others, so if you get stuck you could try machining one down, or something really thin like a Try-All.


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I really can't see it working right, not with square taper anyway..... There is a serious shortage of 160mm cranks that will fit a Freewheel and a bashring. Im making a pair as part of my project in college this year......

I'm running an eno on my tryalls with a 74kingz bash and theres enough thread (but absoluteley no clearance from the bb, 128mm BB btw) so most setups should fit 'cause that 74king jobbys if mutherfarking thick :D

The ENO has no outside pawls like the ACS so it will fit fine, Trust me. It works, i had the same worrys when i ran it, i asked Tartys and they wasnt 100%. I took a gamble and its fine, Just GO GO GO!

Echo Silver, slim... Sorted.


AH F**K quoted the wrong people ah well :P

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The ENO has no outside pawls like the ACS

The acs has pawls inside it unless you break it :shifty: . if your meaning tabs?(bit you use to get the freewheel off) the eno does have them it's only the tensile, monty (and dicta?) that don't.

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Monty Try all and tensile havn't got removal tabs, eno does.

Of course it dependant on the bottom bracket size, but even then there are seriously hardly any threads on monty cranks. Wether or not they are isis is also a bit important again relating back to bb axel length. I wouldn't say it's not do-able, but it's not a set-up i'd be comfortable with.......

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