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ive got a "cracked" version of xp and cant get downloads from microsoft cause i have removed the xp registration key code files so no file i download will validate

NDA only for the latest movie player, not on there website! have to work for them to get it....as I.

Yeah sorry about that! Latest Windows NDA has been to lock out all non legit copies of XP now Vosta has passed and is in C1 phase at last!

If you pay me, i'll give you a key thats direct off Windows for mass NDA use and you'll need to do a fresh instale with a full formatt!

The files you can downlaod to make Windows think it's a validdated file are changing too. Some are being coded to lock your pc out there and then, some virus by hackers as there pissed off with soemthing Bill said last month.

You saying you havent got movie maker in your windows right now?


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Didn't work then did they! The std version of movie maker is fine!

Windows home, xp, media are no differn with the movie maker.

The movie maker i have is an NDA devlopment and is out with NDA's to be tested agnsit all camera, machines etc!

3 months there is a new update out to lock down more XP non legit copies! Only internal office bassed NDA are working on it right now! The plan is there will be no cracks this way....but what they don;t know doesn;t harm them!

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