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People Do Stupid Things When They Are Desperate


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basically i have jst posted a topic about 24" frames and ive jst gone on to the "for sale/wanted section" and seen that there is a leeson 609 for sale by bob87

i was just wondering if it is not breaking rules that some1 could leave a post just letting him know that i am VERY VERY interested in the whole bike, i got money waiting

this is my DREAM bike! and i apologise if im breaking rules but as i say in the topic title people do stupid things when they are desperate

i want this bike!!

feel good in helping me get my ulitmate bike

jst ask him to e-mail me at arw_86@hotmail.co.uk thats .co.uk! not .com

or txt me on 07922532844 (no prank calls....unless their hilarious of course!)

thank u to anyone that can possibly help me make contact

cheers again adam

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im pretty new here myself but just so you know if you click on the members link in the grey at the top of the screen.

from there you can search for a member and email if the options there for that user. from the looks of it newbies cant send personal messages.

but just so you know i have copy/pasted your post directly into an email. (had to check i newbies could send emails and didnt want to send a blank) so he does know you are after the bike but use that link if you want to get hold of him.

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