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  1. world's smallest V12 engine
  2. Cheers dude. I miss trials as it used to be Imagine the incredible time you would have if you just devoted a summer traveling USA in a camper van finding all these spots and trying to ride them! EVOLVE:REVOLVE
  3. BREAKING BAD, terminally ill cancer sufferer Walter White is a massively over qualified and underpaid chemistry teacher with a disabled son and a baby on the way. He wants his family to be able to survive and not struggle when he is gone....he realises he can make extremely good quality crystal meth.......THEN TONNES OF SHIT HAPPENS OVER 5 SERIES. The second part of the fifth series is about to start next week. THE END IS COMING!!!!!! Dexter, office:usa, prison break, sopranos, homeland, back door bitches: extreme edition.
  4. Nice work dude! Is that a Mavic D521 CD rim on the front?!........I LOOOOOOVE THEM RIMS! reminds me of the good ol' days!
  5. Makes me wanna ride. Job done
  7. i have such a hard on for breaking bad. Best thing I have ever seen on TV by far. LOVE IT!
  8. I can't make it now unfortunately. But enjoy none the less. And you have to find out what his lap time would be if he pelted it, and then you try as hard as you can...imagine you beat it haha. Enjoy anyway
  9. cheers man! I saw that cover with the pin slots and thought that may be the case but thought I had done enough damage and should double check first.
  10. I have an Inspired Hex Team 2012 with the truvativ Holzfeller crankset. I have been having some left to right (through the bb) movement and spoke to Mark W and said it was a problem with some of these cranksets and the bolt just needed tightening as they require more torque than most. So I torqued it to correct levels and it made no difference. So a few weeks go by and Ive just gone to tighten it again and the bolt just snapped. So now I have a snapped off bolt head (thats loose but wont come out) on the drive side of a self extracting pair of cranks. AM I FUGGERED?!!!
  11. No problem with me getting there. Best mate lives in Brixton. Be cool to meet JD too if you were considering him haha
  12. That would be so cool, id be well up for it! But it's entirely up to you of course. You have the power of a God now! anyway, I think I'm a nice bloke! Hit me up if you consider me a chosen one!
  13. f**k it cant make link work
  14. Looking forward to an answer. I'm intrigued
  15. I wiki'd him. He rides road. Why is it funny I haven't heard of him?