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Trials Represented


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hope this isnt a repost because i got full on blazed yesturday for doing that.

anyway one of my favourite websites www.yourdailymedia.com posted up a trials video the other day of CLS, you may have seen the video but its the comments of the viewers that suprised me.

(when u click on the image the video will load in a seperate window, the 'comments' link is above the video click this to read them)

i dont think people who dont ride trials give us enough credit for the skills involved in trials (they jst think were "vandals" lol)

so its just cool to see some people respecting and appreciating the sport in which we all pretty much love.

im pretty sure we all agree although its rare that its cool when your out riding and someone rather than moaning says "well done" or stop to watch you ride or bibs their horn and puts their thumb up etc. it feels good in my opinion when people respect and know the skill put into learning such a unique and talented sport!

so just go on yourdailymedia and search for "freestlye cycling 2" lol i know....i didnt name it

ive seen a few other random trials videos on their before but cant find them at the minute.


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