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My Pitbull Is Finally Finished


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Looks really good actually (Y) nice one. What rims are they because the try all lime green rims dont have the sidewalls coloured aswell on the back rim?

yeah its a try-all rear!! i didn't think it had coloured sidewalls till i opened the box :P thanks for the replies

the bike is in bits in my living room at the moment as i've just found out that the bb is bent so it needs a new one :( thank you mister tunnicliffe! ( yes it was Neil's one )

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...with new sitckers to make people think Neil rides 2006 model :lol:

Very nice bike but why are your brake levers paralell to the ground? :)

that was before they were fully sorted, and i like them kinda like that, but hey , each to their own i guess. Thank you for the comments

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That's possibly the nicest pitbull i've ever seen! (Y)

How's the brake with having painted (?) sidewalls?

Cheers ! :D the brakes are rather good actually , so start with NO CHANCE, but its got a little bit of rubber building up now (after a half hour ride) and they're as good as itll get with standard pads :P im cutting down the cables as we speak so i hope it goes well !


EDIT: dammit i got sprayed with oil .. By the way i didn't paint the sidewals myself the came like that from tarty

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