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Matlock Quarry Sunday (tomorrow)

danny B

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QUOTE(danny B @ Nov 11 2006, 05:36 PM)

Like i said will be going to matlock quarry tomoz with probably me, ash, ben slinger, joe oakley, rob poyser, and a few other peeps checked on the bbc weather and it says that the weather is gonna be ok so get your rears there........

Danny ur such a bender :( Just when im out of riding..because of no car..u wanna ride :angry::angry:

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sorry dude but i know that the train station in matlock is like just down the road from the quarry it is like righty next to where we ride so you could do that if you want speak with oakley because he mite be doing the train thing too if i cant get throught to rob lol

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will someone get a vid pleeeease lol.i wanna see danny "the hair" butler in action(love you really danny) but cant make it thanks to a wonky front wheel :angry:


Ben will ... i wont because my camera is in the car and needs charging.. sounds lazy but its pissing it down so hard.. i cant be arsed.

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take it thats why you were trying to call earlier? can't make it :( no bike and been scrumming today :P nailed someone proper good though :P will be out for a few weeks until i get a bike sorted. i'll call you soon need to ask you something, (non sex related)

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