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  1. What a class time to be a trials rider. Fond memories of that era!
  2. Too much overthinking! Just ride!
  3. It's of been good craic but is what it is. Looking forward to seeing what they've planned for next year. Gives me more time to hammer the local rocks. There epic!
  4. Evening all! I'm just querying what some of you gents have been running psi wise on your spank/conti 24" set ups. More so exclusively you guys who don't just ride street but natural stuff too (Ross,Ali,Cocky etc). Cheers chaps.
  5. Theres camping on site buddy. Quite well catered for too.
  6. I went for a neb about there to take in the atmosphere and it was great. Its not my sort of deal but I'll be booking my spot for next year for sure. Glad you enjoyed it Dave.
  7. Is there loctite on the bolts? I'm guessing so. I've removed a bolt before by super gluing (extremely carefully) a smaller bolt to the sheared of part and unscrewed it. It had no loctite and the threads were clean. Bit of heat will help melt the loctite too, again very carefully!
  8. Nice Ross!
  9. 15th and 16th September.
  10. So Radfest is done and Tartydays is on the horizon. I've not been to either before but was fortunate enough to do a Koxx Days when I was younger which was awesome. So who's going and where are you travelling from? Hopefully put plenty of names to faces and see some old ones.
  11. Class. Looking forward to Tartydays after watching this. I couldnt make Radfest too unfortunately.
  12. Purchased a Honda Varadero 125 to give me some seat time before I put in for my mod 1. Theory test is this Friday. Really enjoying reading the posts on this topic!
  13. Thats bizarre. Hope you get sorted!
  14. Deet....the strongest you can lay your hands on. You can get 100% deet from Go Outdoors. Its brutal stuff mind but midges won't go near you! PS....don't scratch your nuts after using it or midges will seem like a walk in the park!