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  1. I expected a lot more but it was something to kill the time. Its good to see Ackrigg in anything to be honest and (this may seem controversial) was good to see him ride somewhere other than Shipley.
  2. Filmed on the worst potato cam ever!
  3. Running Hope DH4 with a lightning disc rotor, Michelin Wildgripper DH tyres with the paddle centre tread and going through UN52 BB's every other month it seemed.
  4. So I managed to pass my mod 2 which is awesome. So sold the Honda Varadero I had and replaced it with a Triumph Speed Four as a fixer upper over winter. Slightly higher miles at 40k which concerned me but runs great albeit very lumpy at under 3000 rpm. Hopefully an inline 4 will be relatively reliable for miles to come. So far I've- - Done a top yoke conversion for renthal bars. I tried to get used to the clip-ons but they weren't my cup of tea. - Changed the fuel couplers in the tank to brass ones as they were leaking a bit. - Changed the vacuum hoses as one was split. - Fork seals changed and fork oil changed - Front mudguard was cracked so I've repaired it then used plasti-dip to respray that. Also sprayed the pillion foot rests, throttle cable body on the levers and mirror mounts....all badly corroded. This week it's a swingarm swap as the other one had the worst corrosion on ever... surprise it didnt turn into dust as soon as it was knocked. Exhaust manifold removal to get to the sump and replace the exhaust studs which are also beyond saving. There's lots more to do after that too. I'm pretty happy with the way it's going so far and excited to get back on it in summer.
  5. Skoda Yeti.... fully removable seats. Van when you need it. I love mine even though its shaped like a brick.
  6. Euan Beaden most probably.
  7. What a class time to be a trials rider. Fond memories of that era!
  8. Too much overthinking! Just ride!
  9. It's of been good craic but is what it is. Looking forward to seeing what they've planned for next year. Gives me more time to hammer the local rocks. There epic!
  10. Evening all! I'm just querying what some of you gents have been running psi wise on your spank/conti 24" set ups. More so exclusively you guys who don't just ride street but natural stuff too (Ross,Ali,Cocky etc). Cheers chaps.
  11. Theres camping on site buddy. Quite well catered for too.
  12. I went for a neb about there to take in the atmosphere and it was great. Its not my sort of deal but I'll be booking my spot for next year for sure. Glad you enjoyed it Dave.
  13. Is there loctite on the bolts? I'm guessing so. I've removed a bolt before by super gluing (extremely carefully) a smaller bolt to the sheared of part and unscrewed it. It had no loctite and the threads were clean. Bit of heat will help melt the loctite too, again very carefully!
  14. Nice Ross!