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Motorbike Trials


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There's a few good videos on R2W's site, over here: http://r2wtrials.co.uk/html_files/weblinks.html

That's mostly indoor competition stuff, but the bottom one of Takumi Narita is pretty amazing, especially considering that must have been filmed around 1994!

If you're buying DVDs I thoroughly recommend anything from Trials TV. They're American, but ship over here quite cheaply. Particularly the 2004 and 2005 Duluth rounds are incredibly well filmed and contain some awe inspiring riding, also the 2002 Volume 5 section on Raga practising is brilliant to watch, especially when you consider that that's 4 years old now (quite a long time considering the changes in Raga's career over that time).

Another one to look out for is the Balancing Act series made by US rider Geoff Aaron, these are a little more like the Crusty Demons of Dirt of Trials with lots of play riding and not so much competition. Watching these videos it's hard to understand why Geoff Aaron isn't capable of competing at world level, makes me wonder what we would be seeing on video if some of the top riders were producing similar footage!

Inur: Out Of Section is a commercial DVD so can't be downloaded anywhere (legally). As far as I'm aware it's not around illegally either.

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