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Does anybody know of a website that sells trial specific clothing. Not just casual wear (like the stuff tartybikes sells) i meen what youd wear to ride. Becasue i don't really know what trousers to wear and i was wandering if you could tell me a site with trials clothes on (thats if there is such thing as trial specific clothing!)

Thanks for your help...

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In the summer i'd reccommend 3 quater lengths or shorts but in the winter some tracksuit bottoms.

Maybe even some cargos.

To be honest in this day and age of 'The Chav' you may think there ''uncool'' or whatever but traccies' are really loose and feel great to ride in.Easy to move about in and when you need to eject you can move your legs freely and dont get caught up on your tight jeans.

But i mean you should ride whatever your comfortable in.

Trials specific clothing doesnt really exsist to be fair.

Craig. (Y)

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