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Ahhhh Bmxers Ahh Im So Angry


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Ok so i'm on msn because i'm a loser.And some bmxers start talking to me. And well i don't get on with them i've already kicked shit out of one of them. And well there giving me all the haha get some air in your tires get a seat etc.

Then i say some funny things well funny to me

BMXERS - No wonder your bikes always broke you doing silly things that are pointless.

Me - your bikes never brake because you never do anything on them apart from ride from spot to spot and sit down and say stuff about other people.

anyways I know d.j isn't here no more and a guy from my area named stu died a few years ago had an asthma attack.

and the bmxers carry on saying shit and then they say the only thing good that come out of trials was them that died.

Now that has really pissd me off. 2 of them go to my college and well one i already have beaten up and so i will do the other one tomorrow.

Its so harsh how they can say that just really f**ks me off. They think there all cool and hard when they struggle to bunnyhop a curb.

I hope one of them dies tomorrow and see how they like it

Right now i feel a tad better.

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Twats, kick shit out of them.

Get them one at a time (Y)

ive already had one in the middle of waitrose. Going to get the otehr tomorrow and then see what they say. I hate them there dicks. They dont ride at all tehy call me emo andsay get a real bike etc. Ok i saw one guy pul la manual wich i then went and beat lol.

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sorry but if that's the harshest thing you've ever heard you need to get out more.

plus, you say it's harsh, then you go and say the exact same thing about them?...bit hypocritical don't you think?

if they are how you say they are, surley they aren't really worth the time, or effort to go 'beat up'.

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