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V8's Or V12's


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had some v8's, pure shit! smooth though, but only if you can be bothered to move the silver cap that covers the bearings back in place every 2 mins, after about two weeks i only had about 5 pins left in each peddle as the all either unscrewed out, got torn out, or the threads went in the removeable ones.... but yet after about a week of use you couldnt remove the changeable ones because once you hit a wall with them the pins get hit and scraped and you cant a an alen key the hole, or the hole fill with dirtso yuo cant get an alen key in the slot to remove them, i think theyre wank, not sure about v12's though...

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V8s are definately the best value for money, depends whether you ride UCI or BIU style though, I definately ride BIU and they are getting damaged but have been on for 3months and aren't that knackered yet.

Heres a better idea, buy V8s, rebuild them when they need it, keep the bearings nipped up and buy a new set of pins every 6 months! your still going to have to buy them for any other pedals anyway, no matter how expensive they are!

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