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Try-all Bottom Bracket


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it's a sealed unit...

the idea is your ride it till it breaks and then just replace it.

So much easy and decreases the risk of problems.

Should have bought one brand new.... never buy one second hand.

You don't know the full extent of use/wear n tear/bashing


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I personally have riden one to death and when i contacted koxx about neew bearing they said they dont make the replacement bearings and i would have to get them specialy made ....

This was a good few months ago now so ask koxx but i have no other ideas.



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No idea what you might be able to find local to you but.......

I'm from Irealnd & one of the local industrial estates has a unit (very imaginatively) called the bearing shop.

They source high quality bearings, sealed, loose & in cages for industrial applications. So far I haven't had any problems finding any bearing I've needed.

I've re-built the tail end of my DH bikey & the main pivot of a mates with their parts & whether it's all in my head or not it feels better than new (probably because I want it to!). The only bearings I've replaced for a BB were a BMX item & they pressed into place easier than expected & lasted until after I changed bike.

The needle bearing units or taper bearing units are considerably more expensive than std. ball type bearings.

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