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Hi im Jut , I have been a keen bike trials rider for about eight years orso. I find the hole trials game to be great way to pass the time away. I am riding a WOODMAN Tpro 26" at the moment

Bike Spec-:

Frame - As Above

Forks - No Names

R Wheel - Alex DX 32 on XT Hub

F Wheel - Mavic XC717 on LX hub

Crank - FSA/DMR/Middleburn

B B - Ehco

R Brake - Maggie HS 33

F Brake - Avid Dig 3

Stem - No Name

All in all not a bad bit of kit to ride. I also ride a martin hawes giant that has a nice retro feel to it.

My Partner in crime is a guy called richy that is also my future brother in law. He Rides A Onza ZOOT 24" that he has just got and is still getting the feel for, as he was on a 26" before he got it.

Catch our flick at

need any help with anything give us a shout as i have been working with bikes for over 15 years and am the cycle repair specialist for a local bike store...



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Enjoyed that vid,What's the song called?

Hey dude thanks for the reply. that tune is called (Fort Minor - Whered you go) I beleive that the band was formd by one of the members of LINKIN PARK...

Hope that helps dude... Thanks


Aight mate, welcome to the forum. You seem like a cool peep. (Y)


Tanks for the welcome dude. Have you been riding for long...

heyy jut, welcome to the forum...finaly lol

ride soon (Y)

ps. this guy needs validating soon :D

hey sam how's tricks...

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