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Disc Brake


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What makes a dics brake more powerfull than another is the size of the rotor.

So for DH use, you'd have a 203mm rotor for greater braking at speed.

For XC use, you'd use a 160mm or a 180mm to keep down weight but still have good braking quality at speed.

For TRIALS use, your not going fast so you don't need a massive rotor (too heavy) but you still need a rotor large enough for better braking.

The main differences between brake manufacturers is the feel of the brake, lever size, piston size etc... which make the brakes either feel smooth, lock on instantly, or allow some modulation.

One of the main differences between a Hope mono and a Hope mono trials is that the trials has aluminium pistons to save on weight. If you use a trials brake for DH, you'd melt the pistons as they heated up. Ithink it also has a slight difference is piston siz so that you get a more 'on, off' feel.

So different brakes for different feel.


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