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74 King Tensioner

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As seen as i cant write in trials chat ill write here,

I was reading about the tesioner earlier today and then i was reading this

The tensioner would fit mod, but due to weeny sprocket use it'd be a logistically piece of magic to get everything in to such a small gap (between top and bottom chains) and running smooth with no tensioner modifications.

So people are wondering if the tensioner could be run in a mod what Dave@Tartybikes said would be true BUT! what if you were to run say an extra 3 links? in your chain shurly it would run fine?

just a thought



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Add 3 links to a chain and it'll be hanging right down to the ground. You'd probably set it up with a single halflink on a 18:12 ratio or by running a different gear ratio and longer/shorter chain.

Of course you could run a tensioner like that, I guess what Dave had in mind was that it's not worth the hassle.

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