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Ea70 On Gu?


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Got an ea70 riser bar on my saracen street trials bike, also used to have it on my crescent ilions back in the days, and what can i say, i love it.

I think it looks like really wide bars are more popular now than ever, so, whats the pros/cons on Ea70 Vs Tryall replica bar on my GU, except the balance ofcourse, it seems like i can do just about everything better with an ea70 than with a really wide bar.

Hope you understand what i mean, i`m swedish, we`re a bit off.

So, give me some pros and some cons.


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as long as you get a stem with the right angles on it to make it ride ok.

the gu has higher bb, so u might need a stem to compromise. BUT, as long as your bar clamp size is 31.8mm it should fit a new stem fine

dont ride what trials forum thinks is best, ride what you feel is best for you.

my opinion anyway :)

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Yes, i`m a full member now, aaaw yeeah :).

Well, the thing that i`m really asking is what are the pros/cons over regular riser bars compared to really wide bars except the balance?

Havent ridden for a while so i`m back at zero now, might as well learn with really wide bars if it`s easier doing stuff.

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