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  1. Some ace clips in there flipp. Enjoyed that. Favourites: Something about the line at c. 2:43 really made me smile. The simo barraco double wall slap up the stairs The tech lines in the dark spot, assuming a car park
  2. Let me fix that for you...
  3. Nice and chilled, enjoyed that Ricardo.
  4. He's catching up with you and @Ross McArthur, @LEON. That is for sure...
  5. RJ

    When i was living in Bristol it was awesome going around and spotting random RJ lines. Then realising just how ridiculous some of them where and how I wouldn't have touched them with a barge pole. Always a pleasure to watch any of his videos.
  6. So good, James! Loved it. How you make lines out of some of the set-ups you do is beyond me.
  7. Yo guys, A little video i made doing some nibbles during my daily exercise allowance. Comments welcome
  8. Assuming this is for trials and you're looking for a trialsy non-modulating brake then you can't go wrong with trialtech pads. So damn powerful. Get a set of MT5 pads (they'll fit the MT7 caliper and have less pad rock) If it's for trials and you want a decent modulating pad then i found that some of the superstar organic pads are actually pretty good for trialsy stuff but also modulated much better. I might be on my own here but i also never really had a problem with the magura standard pads. THey were always enough for me
  9. Slide / Skid to tyretap was sweet. Enjoyed that
  10. What you need to get for the TA26 is one of these -
  11. I think you know as well as the rest of us that Trump is likely to regret nothing he does / says / thinks.
  12. Don't know the password, dude. Hopefully this helps though...
  13. Tonights viewing is now sorted then! Thanks gents