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  1. Keep at it, you'll land one yourself one day... Nice video lads. Enjoyed it.
  2. Couldn't decide if it'd be you or Ross who'd be first in with the news....below is your reward;
  3. To make life easier for peeps, I just found that Exeter uni have a dediated site for it - I don't really know where I land on this yet, but I think i'm closer to aphantasia than hyperphantasia. When it comes to riding I always wondered if those who can visualise see themselves in first person doing whatever they're doing. I feel i can see in 3rd person, i.e. how a camera shot might look, but when it comes to seeing myself doing something, I'm like Mark as in i've learnt by watching others and essentially I have to put in 10,000hrs before i get comfortable with things (Mark can also vouch for this having filmed for me...)
  4. They'd have probably owed you money if your phone battery was able to last long enough to log our whole Strava ride...haha
  5. Managed to get out with Adam at McGuire Visuals to pull together a little video over the festive period while he was home from Uni. We wanted to create a little night video cruising the streets with something a little more artistic than being 'bangerz4theladz'. Anyway, give it a watch and let us know what you think below Song is 'Colours' by Happyalone Big thanks to Inspired and Tartybikes for their continued support as ever :).
  6. *Cough....* pace* *...cough* *surely with the new bike they've released...hmmm.
  7. If i'm honest dude, i think your problem is the choice of rear rim on that Zero build of yours. Get a thinner rim on there and you'll be laughing with tyre size. Tyre roll is probably going to be the least of your problems when you start riding that thing in anger :-p
  9. Remove freehub body, clean and fully de-grease. Keep an eye out for any loose metal shards (as it could be an indication of damage). Fully dry off the freehub body, ratchet, pawls springs etc, then put a little bit of oil (like this one) inside of the hub then rebuild. Give the freehub body lots of spins to spread the oil about. Hopefully that'll solve your problem. If you found metal shards or similar, then maybe worth giving a more detailed inspection and then speaking to Hope.
  10. or depending on the activity
  11. Seems like i'd be ripping you off with the mars I'll have to decline
  12. Bloody hell, @DangerousDave, you only went and won. Congrats. When i watched initially I was might impressed at the speed you took some of those skinnies!
  13. Just tried this out....exactly what i've been after. It makes FB bearable