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  1. If i'm honest dude, i think your problem is the choice of rear rim on that Zero build of yours. Get a thinner rim on there and you'll be laughing with tyre size. Tyre roll is probably going to be the least of your problems when you start riding that thing in anger :-p
  3. Remove freehub body, clean and fully de-grease. Keep an eye out for any loose metal shards (as it could be an indication of damage). Fully dry off the freehub body, ratchet, pawls springs etc, then put a little bit of oil (like this one) inside of the hub then rebuild. Give the freehub body lots of spins to spread the oil about. Hopefully that'll solve your problem. If you found metal shards or similar, then maybe worth giving a more detailed inspection and then speaking to Hope.
  4. or depending on the activity
  5. Seems like i'd be ripping you off with the mars I'll have to decline
  6. Hey Guys, As its MTB related and I thought i'd advertise it for sale in here instead....I'm selling my old SC 5010 CC frame and fox 34 fork for £1400 plus postage Its in great nick, and i'm only selling because i upgraded to a Bronson. If you're interested, give me a PM and let me know. Cheers Ben
  7. Bloody hell, @DangerousDave, you only went and won. Congrats. When i watched initially I was might impressed at the speed you took some of those skinnies!
  8. Just tried this out....exactly what i've been after. It makes FB bearable
  10. So, I should probably say that the seatpost in my new bike build video was the same one i've been running in my 2019 Arcade for about a year, and with everything i've thrown at it (including many many crashes and awkward landings), i've had no issues with the frame or that junction of the frame. The reason i cut it so short was for last years arcade I wanted to get it as light as possible when i first built it up (Carbon spacers, ti-bolts etc). I'd leave it at the 100mm if i were you, i doubt you'd save much more weight trimming it down to where i have done.
  11. One afternoon. Absolute madness to be able to pull all that out of the bag. Such good riding throughout, and edit was good too, Mark! On another note, I haven't read it in a while, but I can't help but think that if more comp / TGS trials riders made videos like this more often I think the number of topics and conversations about trials being 'dead' would be significantly reduced. If people were willing to put more into the scene there would surely be more of a scene. Maybe i didn't need to open that conversation though....sorry
  12. So many good lines, Flipp! Amongst many other ridiculous lines, the hook90 on that wall / rail is just silly ridiculous.
  13. Totally agree with all of this. Unless you're buying the full brake and it comes with MT6/7 levers then I'd just stick with MT2/4 Levers
  14. This is pretty damn good. You should watch it.
  15. Nice lads. Liked Flipp’s tekkers lines on the back of benches in hull