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  1. Dave, wtf kind of ab routine did you do back then? Are you still ripped as fook? Seeing as you appear to have 12 - 14 ab muscles, can you lend me some? RIP DJ!
  2. Big stuff, ryan! nice to see a tgs'er going big
  3. I'm looking forward to our TF beef over the winter period
  4. I can imagine that the spoke / valve alignment in that picture is giving anyone who regularly builds wheels nightmares.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Appreciate it! It was a good couple of days, and glad i got some half decent stuff done given the mileage we put in. @Ross McArthur, i do like how much detail you watch videos in. I also like how it riled you up enough to comment on it. Must do more of it. On the ender, I'd suggest its not as big as you'd maybe think, but it is the biggest I've done, and off the brick wide wall, I was pretty pleased with it.
  6. I really enjoyed that! I think it was the music, but I thought it had some Reet Merschat vibes going on.
  7. CZECK AARON BROWNE!! Nice riding Jan! Enjoyed the vid
  8. Looks absolutely normal to me. You'd struggle to get the 'kick' through the pedals if it didn't start higher than the rear foot. I think you're over thinking things.
  9. So my understanding if you're self employed is the same as the extract below from; Self-employed or a ‘single person director’ You do not have to enrol yourself in a workplace pension. However, it’s a good idea to think about what income you’ll have to live on when you retire. You might want to put some plans in place for your later life, such as starting a personal pension, if you haven’t already done so. You could choose a personal or stakeholder pension available from various pension providers. Or you may wish to use the National Employment Saving Trust (NEST). NEST is a trust-based workplace pension scheme developed to suit most people. You should consider seeking independent financial advice. Alternatively, you can contact the Money Advice Service or the Pensions Advisory Service. Money Advice Service Pensions Advisory Service You are a ‘single person director’ if you are a director of a company and the only worker in that company.
  10. THanks for all the feedback guys! Trying to find an old school aracde machine in Aberdeen proved difficult, but glad we got there. @Stephen Morris, I did laugh at the soft close door slam. #acting Appreciate any feedback, and here's a wee bump for others to go ahead and watch it
  11. Nice G. Always enjoy your tech lines
  12. Tylers video was such good riding, but felt a little bit underwhelming. i don't know if it was the lac of riding sounds that annoyed me. Boys got skills though. Ollie Shields video was ace too. Rail riding skills for days
  13. I've been out riding quite a bit recently, and still enjoying pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. Adam Mcguire asked if I'd be interested in making a raw edit, but eventually had enough content to make a full video. So here is the result. Happy to hear any comments good or bad Massive thanks to Inspired and to Tarty Bikes for their support as ever. For those interested song is - When I'm Small by Phantogram