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  1. For a couple of videos I made with Mark I pulled together a private spot map of London. It’s online now after I finished the last video. Hope it’s useful
  2. Obviously a different city, but houses are going for under the 'offers over' prices round our end, @Ali C. A friend just sold his house for 10k less than asking price. I'd definitely speak with the agents as well and try get a feel for how long its been on the market / how desperate they are to sell / and don't put a crazy offer over in on it. Hope you guys manage to get something sorted soon.
  3. Another vote for these. Not using them at the moment but the quality / coverage is really good
  4. @Ali C, you’re up!
  5. Ingenuity at its finest
  6. Great video, @necoRick, that was sweet. I really like how chilled your style is. Lisbon is definitely up there on the list of places i want to ride again. So much stuff to ride.
  7. This one has been a long time coming (full story below)...however I hope you enjoy my last video on the Inspired Bicycles Arcade before i move onto the Inspired Fourplay. A follow-up to my original 3 days in London edit, Mark and I started filming in September 2019, and things were looking good until the crash in the middle of the video. Unfortunately, I ruptured my spleen when i hit the floor, which meant 5 nights in hospital and nearly 12 weeks off the bike. We returned to London in December 2019 to try and finish the edit off, but poor weather / getting thrown off spots meant I left frustrated without an ender clip. Then....2020 happened. Due to COVID restrictions, the stars never aligned for Mark and I to get back to London and finish the video. I've now changed bike to the Inspired Fourplay, but I didn't want to waste the footage, so we've finally pulled it together to make a short video. Thanks to Inspired andTarty Bikes for their continued support and helping get me and my bike home after the crash.
  8. What would you propose?
  9. All three of the below are complete cliche, but in my mind all three videos are pretty iconic for their 'genres' of trials. When I hear any of the songs i immediately think of the video regardless of where I am. If i had to choose one then Toxicity...such a good video / song choice. Old school: Toxicity by System of a down from "Toxicity - Trials kings" - TGS street: Lying from You by Linkin Park from 'Gilles & Giacomo coustellier in nottingham" - Street trials: The funeral by Band of horses from 'Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009' -
  10. Hey dude, I’ve had zero problems with mine so far. It’s been solid with no skips or slips. I’ve tried to put mine through it’s paces with decent sized gaps and TGS stuff as well as the streety stuff and it’s been really reliable. Can’t help on where you’ll source one from though I’m afraid.
  11. Don’t worry about the glue, just tape back over it. After a recent hub swap I’ve re-taped mine with glue under with no issues
  12. From the picture below, it appears your tape is only across the middle of the rim and not across where the tyre sits. It needs to be the FULL width of the rim including on the flat section where the tyre sits. From experience this pushes the tyre bead up into the catch on the rim.
  13. Big vote for hope adapters here. I’ve had the same two on front and rear for a couple of years with zero issues.
  14. I managed to get the pump below on a deal but heard decent things about the Topeak and leyzene pump too EDIT: Should add that it’s managed to get nearly every tyre bar one airking seated. That includes all sorts of mtb tyres. After the one that didn’t seat was when I started lubricating the bead and rim and it’s been near faultless since.
  15. It sounds to me that you need to get yourself to a bike shop to get an air compressor on it. Or buy yourself a tubeless tyre track pump. To me, there is no point trying to get the tyre to seat before you've got the insert in. They are tight but they definitely go on so you've just got to get that bit sorted. From the picture you put up with the zipties on, it looks as if you've not pushed your bead in under the insert on the bit of tyre that you do have on the rim already, which definitely needs to happen to get the insert in. When you're trying to seat the tyres are you lubricating the beads with some soapy water? If not, then definitely recommend this. It just helps the bead move across the tape better from experience. Typically i follow this routine: One side of tyre fully on (doesn't need to be seated) Tubeless valve in (with core still in place) insert fitted over rim start fitting other side of the tyre starting at the valve and moving both ways so that the last bit of tyre to be fitted is opposite the valve core Make sure as you go round that you push this side of the tyre into the middle of the rim underneath the insert (typically i used a tyre lever for this) When you get to the last bit of tyre you can pour sealant in the side of the tyre at this point (or wait till step 9 if you want less mess) Rotate the wheel so the the sealant goes to where the valve is Use tyre levers to fit the last bit of bead as this will typically be tight regardless take valve core out (and you can put in sealant at this point if you didn't at step 6) Spin the wheel to get the sealant all around the inside of the wheel Apply soapy water on both beads and the inside of the rim wall (i'd get a brush to apply at this point to get right in there) Pump (i've got a tubeless tyre track pump) or compressor on with the valve core at the top of the wheel Get pumping then squirm and squeal when the tyre pops (every time). take pump off and then put valve core back in (i don't let tyre right down, i get my finger over the open core and then put the valve core in before tyre fully deflates) pump tyre back up to about 45 psi and give it some good ol' spins to get that sealant into all the pores then leave over night If you've tried all of that and are still struggling, then recommend you taking it to your local bike shop for them to do it. They'll have it done in no-time.