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  1. Wow, @aener, so good. I particularly liked the driftwood kitchen line and the 'up to rear into drop to bridge' lines you did. Bueno.
  2. I've had crown steerer unit creak issues with every fox fork i've had recently. This included 32's / 34's. Ran RS lyriks for a couple of years now with no issues.
  3. Hey man, you had me questioning my own knowledge for a second, but no, the thin wall in that video was at a spot in glasgow! Phew
  4. @isitafox can you deal with this spam, plea......oh, erm, awkward...
  5. Same here, we've been switched to BG from Peoples energy, but just waiting to see what happens with my tariff. I'm going to assume that BG will be bending me over and inserting something large in somewhere I don't want it.
  6. Unfortunately you're never going to fix the problem in full without some custom modification as the pads are never a tight enough fit. If you haven't tried them, the trialtech pads tend to have less pad rock than most (and as such less noise), however, i find the tape method is usually the best for removing rocking noise. I recommend gorrilla tape or similar rather than a double sided tape. Recently i've been using a new method to the gorrilla tape application where i wrapped the tape around the sides of the pad backing and stuck down to the front of the pad backing (avoiding contact with the brake pad material) then i cut off the gorrilla tape that would have been in contact with the piston. So far i've not had any problems and reduced the rocking noise significantly. Hope that helps.
  7. This I like!!
  8. I had this discussion with someone and they made the very good point that once you get used to it on the downhills, the weight isn't so bad, so actually it'd be better if the batteries could last twice as long and the bike be the same weight as they are now. Obviously battery life being twice as long and the weight being the same or only a couple more kg than an analogue bike would be the dream, but i think that'll be a long time coming. I definitely recommend an e-bike, and basically agree with this:
  9. I am double jabbed, and am more on the side of getting inoculated than not, but I don't think we should be forcing jabs on anyone either. You say there is no evidence it'll harm you, but we don't know the long term effects of getting the jabs so some are obviously going to be wary / suspicious when simply being healthier and taking care of your body can also greatly reduce the effect COVID has on you. Jabs are a short term solution for a long term problem, and in my opinion, a lazy way out of the issue (like most things we do as a species). Yes we can encourage taking, but mandating the jab to 'get back to normal' is ridiculous and i think that is the problem we'll have globally. I was told by someone else recently*, that the W.H.O announced that world leaders (and as such us), will just have to learn to live with COVID, like we do the flu, and I am definitely in agreement with that. It is just not likely to go away anytime soon. *if it's bullsh*t and they didn't say it, then i think they should be saying it.
  10. For way too long i was sat thinking 'why the f*ck does he want a 4" circle of grass?', then 'how the f*ck would he cut grass with a carbide wheel?', then some 'it'd be hard with scissors to get that 4" circle of grass perfect' then i had a huge "f*ck me, i'm an idiot"
  11. @IanJohnstone is the man to talk too
  12. Cheers RJ, means a lot. It took me a while to build up to doing that drop and won't be doing it ever again!!
  13. Some mind blowing bike control in this, dude! So good.
  14. Cheers Greg!!