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  1. F1

  2. One for you @Al_Fel -
  4. Fair enough, though dreams have still been shattered It's like the time I realised that Adam at Tartybikes wasn't an avatar of himself hopping to rear or that Mark W isn't a little bird with a beret and a paintbrush.
  5. My hopes have been shattered that you are not in fact Kurt Cobain* living an alternative life thriving on TF! *Hoping my assumption of your profile pic being him is correct...
  6. Certainly is. Actually said WTF out loud for the gap between the two posts needles at c. 2.14. Thankfully the wee parrot / mini me was out of earshot... Edit: I'd actually like to see someone make a proper edit of Charlie on the streets doing Charlie stuff, but where he plans the line / the camera man knows where he is going rather than (seemingly) making it up as he goes
  7. Topic title sums it up...
  8. From the picture you posted in the other topic you just need to rotate the tensioner around a little bit. 1. take the chain off 2. undo pinch bolt that holds the steel rod 3. rotate tensioner as far back as it can go 4. re-tighten pinch bolt 5. re-fit chain 6. ride, be happy, no more tensioner topics ;-)
  9. You'll be better putting a picture up dude so we can see what you're working with. With the standard tensioner, the tension is adjustable, however its lateral position along the chainstay isn't. If you were to get a custom mount made you could move the position but it sounds to me like your tension is just out. Also...this might help - Fourplay Tensioner Instructions.pdf
  10. So, i've got skinny wee chicken legs, and bought a size small. They were a bit tight round the ankle so had to cut them a bit to get my foot through. It sounds to me like you'd probably be best with with a size large as that arrow does seem to be pointing at the calf muscle rather than 'just below the knee'. If you're really that worried, you could always buy both sizes, try them on and send one back. Its a bit of faff, but at least you'll get what you want first time.
  11. Some absolutely unreal stuff in that. The drop hook 180 out was utterly ridiculous. Pure trials needs more of this kind of video. Good job lads
  12. For a couple of videos I made with Mark I pulled together a private spot map of London. It’s online now after I finished the last video. Hope it’s useful
  13. Obviously a different city, but houses are going for under the 'offers over' prices round our end, @Ali C. A friend just sold his house for 10k less than asking price. I'd definitely speak with the agents as well and try get a feel for how long its been on the market / how desperate they are to sell / and don't put a crazy offer over in on it. Hope you guys manage to get something sorted soon.
  14. Another vote for these. Not using them at the moment but the quality / coverage is really good
  15. @Ali C, you’re up!