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  1. i9 do have a free coaster in the works I believe. Christian Rigal filmed a video for i9 and has many coaster clips in it too. Also...this...
  2. Well, shit. Guess there isn't any reason for me to be slowing down if you're still plucking away at 40 dude. Nice Mike!
  3. This'll be my last reply, but i really think you're clutching at straws dude. Did you get a bit annoyed by the fact that you didn't win any magura brakes, hence your frustration? Specifically on that video, anyone can watch that section and see that Hans specifically points out that beginners hop backwards because of poor C.O.G, but the 'advanced' technique is to hop forwards, "maybe over a gap or something" to quote him. I've never met anyone in 20+ years of riding trials who has made the back-hop distinction as specifically hopping backwards (other than that trashzen link - which i 100% don't agree with). I'm pretty certain that the universal description is that a back hop is hopping on the back wheel, same as a front hop is hopping on the front wheel regardless of direction. Alternatively, gapping and landing on your back wheel his a gap to back, or a gap to front is landing on your front wheel. You're free to be as pedantic as you'd like with your descriptions, but probably not worth asking someone else to be that pedantic when it doesn't appear to be the consensus.
  4. Will just leave this here, you can skip to 55:30 yourself to see what these guys (you may have heard of them) called “the back wheel hop“. You may also note that this was filmed in the pre-2000’s IIRC so it’s been around a while. A little longer than trashzen as well (sorry julien (I think), no criticism of your site intended) I’d imagine 99% riders shortening it to back hop isn’t really that bad. Same way hopping on the front wheel in any direction would be a front hop. But I guess I’m just lazy...
  5. Can you explain the difference on here so that those respectable people can learn from you and the OP can ensure his website is correct.
  6. I'd recommend the 9.p pads to help reduce pad rock.
  7. I imagine that youtube password of yours is going to be infinitely longer and more complex, and your cynicism of help offerings heightened. Glad you got the channel back dude.
  8. Hey bud, If you're after a slightly stronger rotor, then fully recommend these - I've landed on / hit my rear one a few times and had no issues at all. Cheers Ben
  9. what a difference a year and (almost a half makes)... I’ve been running the i9 hydra hubs for a couple of months now and can say that they work just fine for trials stuff of all kinds. if you can afford them they are definitely worth it. The noise is ridiculous, and I’d had no skips or skips as yet. And once you ride a pro 4 again afterwards you realise just how awesome the amount of engagement points are.
  10. First off, how tall are you? Honestly looks like you are on a 24" bike... I'd definitely recommend an Inspired Arcade handlebar though. The husselfelts that come on the fuse are a good compromise for the bikes budget, but they do look far too low for you. And if that still feels too low, then you should try the 110mm x 35deg stem as well.
  11. Public version of the map i created for London spots for my 3DIL video. Not all of the spots have been verified as rideable / still there, this took a lot of hunting on google maps / street view to find what is shown. It is the fairly central spots as I travelled down from Aberdeen so didn't have the time to head out your way. I've been a bit selfish and taken off some of the spots I still have unfinished business with, but otherwise, enjoy. I should add that my version was created as a copy from a link @Mark W provided me years ago, but i cannot find that link anymore. EDIT: I found the original map.
  12. The hook on the pole jam was so dialled, James! Creative riding as always!!
  13. Some ace clips in there flipp. Enjoyed that. Favourites: Something about the line at c. 2:43 really made me smile. The simo barraco double wall slap up the stairs The tech lines in the dark spot, assuming a car park