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  1. The epitome of a TGS edit that video, Mark! I still watch it regularly. So good. EDIT: Sorry I realise I've gone a little off topic with the below...sorry Mike. I'm sure it'll come in time, and it's not easy trying to stand out from a saturated market. There is some cheese in the video below, but Fabio's latest v-log had some legit sh*t in it, so much so that with enough proper filming, some of Fabio's lines could have gone in a full edit. However, anything over edited, cheesy (such as trying to get caught by speed cameras) can get in the bin. That said, some of the guys I ride with seem to watch all the vlog stuff, so I guess they're the market rather than a grandad like me...
  2. @forteh nice! I'm surprised its still going after that amount of time! Glad its still doing you well though.
  3. All of the above! Great video Flipp!
  4. To be more helpful: or get a motorbike and -
  5. Tim Pratt would be proud, Ross!
  6. Its hidden away just west of that link mark sent, the exact location is
  7. I find that a velcro strap is a better option than a zip-tie can be re-used many, many times obviously, Its more useable when you're transporting the bike* Doesn't scratch the paintwork as much as a zip-tie when it moves *as i don't want to remove hose and re-bleed, I remove the caliper / adapter and velcro this to the fork just under the crown meaning i can remove my bars and stem and you're less likely to have hose problems.
  8. Cheers for filming all day buddy! Appreciate it. Good little vid, good little ride
  9. HAHA. Are you posting from mobile? All i am doing is copy and pasting the link into the Reply and it auto embeds for me on my laptop...(i.e. don't click the 'link' button above, just ctrl+c / ctrl+v the link into the reply)
  10. To be honest, I only questioned MCR because i've not seen a lot of footage from there, so wasn't sure of the quantity / size of the spots. Ol' Marky boy has put me right, and its fairly central for the whole UK, so I'm in. I'll be keen whether I'm in Bristol or Aberdeen!
  11. Good idea, where ever it is has to have enough spots to keep everyone of all abilities happy. So not sure if MCR is that place? I would have found out but Luke told me to go to Salford Quays, not MCR...
  12. No man, just a group ride that was organised on Facebook (and in this post here I guess). It's been a grand ol' day with TGSers and Street Monkeys riding together in perfect harmony. EDIT: Hopefully it can become a regular thing
  13. YES. YES. and YES!
  14. Afternoon - I've been back home for 10 days or so, and in between the rain and working, I managed a couple of rides with Adam and Joe! Adam helped me film a couple of clips, so thought i'd stick them together in a wee video. So, for you're viewing pleasure (or something like that)...