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Riding Outside The Lines


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Hi I am new to this forum and relatively new to trials.I stopped riding for a while then started up again about nine months ago.I've been mainly riding street doing stair drops,pulling coasts,doing spins and the likes.Recently I bought a giant stp and set it up rigid to ride trials and after many handlebar and stem combinations decided to invest in a short travel suspension fork to take the sting out a bit,Ryan leech runs a really short travel marzocchi bomer style fork and jeff lenosky uses a rock shox pike I'm unsure whether he uses an air or spring unit. After a lot of thought and searching I decided to invest in the Rock shox pike 426 U-turn with a pop lock on the floodgate control and some extra stiff springs and I find when wound down to 95mm with the pop lock on i get a really nice urban assault bike good for tricks and trials,oh yeah and the occasional stair drop with the forks wound out to 140mm. I really like the idea of free trials on bikes that look like ordinary mountain bikes with stiff short travel suspension forks and seats.I have nothing against long and low trials specific bikes I just think it looks so much better to see a bike you would not expect to be on top of something on top of it. Has anyone got any thoughts on these types of bikes or own something similar as I dont see many of them about ? ? ? :turned:

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I think I know what you mean. You're into the "do it all" hardtail approach. I personally hate them for trials riding. I've owned a few, still have one, and they're nothing compared to a real trials bike. My brother owns a Giant STP 1 and it rides terrible for trials. If you use a 'do it all hardtail' like you are, you'll get to a point in trials where you can't advance any further on that bike. In my opinion, that's Jeff Linosky's problem. He could be a wicked trials rider if he wanted to. But it's his choice. Same applies for Ryan leech...

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Whilst a bike like that will hold you back for some aspects of trials, I wouldn't say they're necessarily bad because what you lose in one area of riding you will gain in another area, so if that kind of bike appeals to you and suits how you like to ride then there's nothing wrong with it.

p.s. I agree, it would help to break up the text a bit in your post...

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Yup, paragraphing my lad, paragraphing.

Hardtails are for the street-street (not street trials) style of riding, so i'd stick to street and mix in a bit of trials other wise you'll be completely wank when it comes to pure trials.

Ryan can do trials on a penny farthing so he's out of the question...

Good luck.

Hows my posting? Call 1800-chattingshit? (Bit too late to function)

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I personally ride your kind of stuff, but my bike is getting trialsier by the minute...

First off, the pike is a bad idea, most forks, when locked aren't made to be ridden hard, and I think that's the case for the pike, and it's costs a pretty dime [insert some name of coin in england if the dime doesn't exist], secondly it's pretty damn heavy at 5.4 pounds, for trials. And if your'e the kind of guy that wants to do stair gaps with 140mm of travel, the STP won't last really long.

Soooooo as it sounds, you want to ride street with a bit of trials into it. First off, the STP isn't the best for that since the top tube is so small... Anyhow, if you have the STP zero, I would change the fork. Other than that there's not much that can be done without investing a fortune...

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Why don't you get something more like a trialsy street frame?

I am thinking Planet-X here or something along those lines? 24" Possibly, but that is a big outlay cost to get everything 24".

Personally, the only advantage over a proper trials frame that a street sorta frame has is that they usually have gears that work and a seat to get around on, but I dont really miss either of those luxuries.

I dont think suspension fork will help at all either, it may help the shock of having rigid forks but after you start to get better and do better things, you will probably start bombing out the shocks, I had this problem before I had a real trials bike and just to get normal forks made a world of difference!

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