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Profile Bearings...


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Apologies for making (yet another) topic about Profile Bearings..

Found out mine had completely crushed today, so I need a new set.

Looked in the FAQ, and that gives me the size for the driver side, not the other. - I'm pretty certain they're different sizes?

Got on of the old ones out, which was still in one piece anyway, and it has '61903 SRS DIN P5 Abec 5' on it.

After some quick research, I found out these are Hope bearings? :ermm:

I know one lot I need are '6802-2RS' but what's the size for the others?

And do I want standard ones? or chinese/japanese ones? (I can't remember which are better)

Cheers. (Y)

BTW, if the '61903 SRS DIN P5 Abec 5' are the actual size, and not just some that have been bodged in or something..then that'd be cool.

I just want to get the right bearings, to save me breaking more. :turned:

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Can anyone tell me what size bearings I need? :unsure:

All 6 btw.

4 driver bearings, and 2 hub shell bearings.

I know Tartybikes sells them, but I also know SMBBearings sell them cheaper...That's unless my Dad's mate can get them... :-

EDIT: Rang ProfileEurope, and they don't actually know the sizes, he said they order them straight from the manufacturer as 'Driver bearings' and 'Hub shell bearings' - Which is the order code.


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