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My Street/dj Bike


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Rides pretty good overall. I can bunny hop up 5 pallets, which is around 30 ", so I'm pretty proud of that. 1035 mm wheelbase feels a bit short though, and the head angle is a bit slack for my liking. Next upgrade for it will be a Funn Stiffy rigid fork...but that's after I get my adamant :rolleyes:

Parts spec:

Trek Jack 2 frame (got it from warrenty when my bruiser cracked)

Front and Rear Avid bb7's

Front and Rear Sun S-type wheels (both with terrible formula hubs (N))

Bontrager Big Earl cranks with Crankbrothers 50/50 X blue pedals :D

04 Marzocchi Dj 2 fork at 130 mm

K-rad front tire and Bontrager Earl rear tire

Stem/Bars/Seat post are Bontrager Select (pictured is a Bontrager Earl stem though...I upgraded to a 4 inch select stem)

This bike wheelies like a dream :D

Let me know what you think. :D

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wow u got that when your bruiser cracked???

mint lookin wee frame there. where did you get the warenty on the frame, i mean what shop swapped it for you???

Yeah, well Trek has a frame warranty program, so I just took it to my bike shop and they sent it away to trek, and trek sent me back a nice new jack frame :D I live in Canada, so you wouldn't have any sweet clue about my bike shop :- Definitely rides better than the 16.5 " bruiser frame :D

Here's a beastly pic of the crack I found at the chain stay of my bruiser frame.


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exelent man. I bent the rear end of my bike 20mm out to the left when i landed funny and my bike shop done the same. the trek reps were in the shop at the time so they just says yea no bother well get you a new one, so i got a new bruiser two frame. thats a beastly crack btw. :blink:

plus i dont think bruisers ride too badly. :rolleyes:

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im liking the colours but it just seems a little out of proprtion.. seems too high at the front yet too short in the frame

nice colours though

You're going to like this then...I shortened my fork from 130 to 90 mm of travel.



^^ This pic looks a little dumb because I have a pump on and haven't cut the steerer tube yet :P

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