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Hello all,

I need some help, quickly. A family member has died and i have been given the job of putting the music together, witch is all good except for one thing. I am using Audacity to split the 1st song into one chorus for reasons of not having to quickly stop the CD player at a point (witch could go wrong).

So 1st i tried it on my dads new mac, and when the song is in Audacity it plays the whole songs in less then a second. I thought this was just dodgy Mac thing, so i tried it on my dads other laptop (windows) and it did the same thing. It seem to play any song i try to import into there in less then a second its just one squeaking noise.

Please can somebody either suggest me some other free software to edit the music on (basically trim it and add 3 songs into one track), OR tell me how i can resolve my issue.

Please help as a matter of urgency,

Thankyou VERY much,


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Thankyou ALL very much for your comments, unfortunately my internet went down so i had to do the long laborious process of recording the songs and doing it like that.

I was going to use garage band (as yes its the latest MacBook Pro) but i have not a clue how to use it and i wasn't really in the position to learn, also thankyou for the link and thankyou for the song reference, i had strict instructions on what songs to use but you are right it really is a touching song.

Thankyou all.

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