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hello everybody. By eny chance are monty freewheels eny good because i am getting one. i wasent really shore weather to get a eno or monty because they both produce the same pic up points but is the eno eny better?

cheers maxi :unsure:

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i've ordered a monty freewheel yesterday, and i haven't heard anything bad about them, more postive things actually

maybe python is just an exception (sp)

marco grosenik, who does some insanely big street riding haven't has any problems with his monty freewheel

is there anyone else who is having problems with his monty freewheel then?

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The main problem people have seems to be letting them get loose when the skip, or grease getting into the pawls and stocking them down.

Rebuild your freewheel with just enough grease, clamp ur cranks arm in the vice and use a hammer and a centre punch to hammer it round until it won't tighten any more, Worked for me on my tensile, has never come loose yet. They actually came with the right amount of grease in mine so i just wound it back up but its always best to check.

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