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Echo Control Mod Stock Rear Hub


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I'm going to purchase an Echo Control Mod Stock frame and apparently it has 116mm spaced dropouts.

Looking on TartyBikes it seems I need a 20" Rear hub. I was planning on running single speed, so will I need a hub like this or this?

Looks like it's gonna cost a fair bit to get a wheel built onto this hub :ermm:

Also on the single speed topic... does it work like this...

On the front: A crank with the threaded bit to accept a front freewheel (18t) + bashring.

On the back: One of the above hubs with a screw on sprocket (15t).

Or is it better to just run a freewheel on the back and fixed on the front?

Sorry for all the questions... trying to do some POWER LEARNING! :S

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either hub will do (Y) the second one will take a freewheel but the first has it's own fixed procket which you'd need a frontfreewheel for (unless you got the freehub version...) i have a mod spaced hub for sale (look in the f.s/wntd setion (Y) )

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Yeah, its personal preference really. Only real advantages are the way that at comps you only need a spare crank arm, rather than whole wheel, and its arguably lighter.

If you're after the cheapest option then its front free wheel, decent rear freehubs are pretty expensive. Only thing you could do that would be cheaper for rear freewheel is to run something like a 20T front and a 17t screw on freewheel rear, or 22 front and 18t rear. That would open up your crank options as well, so you could use things like middleburns or raceface cranks.

The echo screw on would be just as good as the other hub there, so that'd be the one to go for. And then either put a 20t screw on fixed gear on the cranks and a screw on 17t freewheel on the rear, or put them the other way around, so 18t freewheel on the front and 15t screw on sprocket on the back. Or get some conventional MTB cranks like middleburns and run a 22T front to an 18t rear giving you more choice with freewheels.

Running the freewheel on the rear would effectively give more engagement points when setting up, but to be honest, you wont notice, so don't let that sway you.

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