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There's no way that I can get anyone down here without showing them just abit of the trials we have to offer.

These are just a few pictures of that particular place, so there are a few more sections but the photos came out pretty crap. Not only that, the beach is a 5 second walk across, which is very nice in the summer and perhaps best of all there are 2! yes 2 pubs on the same road as this place. Both really relaxed on the drinking age (so fatpants you too can have a shandy) its a 2 minute ride from the train station Cooden Beach. So yeh, come and ride with me and my riding chums in the summer! Oh and almost forgot, there is about a million wave breaking rocks on the beach to ride which is really nice in the summer too... if you're clean shaven and dont smell like shite then theres two spare bedrooms at my place if you want to make a weekend of it. That or camp out.

Cooden is in the SouthEast, inbetween Eastbourne and Hastings. :turned:

Spose I should of posted some pics of me riding, but thats hard when your on the bike.

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Ow but Rob, the summer goes on for quite a few months so there is plenty of time to ride different spots :P I don't want to steal any riding buddies that may come your way :- just borrow them.

Nah on a serious note, just letting people know that this place exists and they're welcome to come down and make a weekend of it.

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You guys live in Sussex, and yet Ive never seen you riding, or heard of you wanting to come to Worthing.

That IS the Trials Capitol of Sussex, and Home to the WxYxC

We've tried to make contact with you guys, but its abit like finding gold in your arsehole. We've had a few rides in brighton and chatted to a few people in worthing to see whether you'd be up for joining us, but its never materialised. Anyway, no point complaining, if you do fancy a group ride then add me to msn: crazyarsebastard@hotmail.com welcome to come over here or we'll come over to you if theres any good spots in worthing.

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