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Laptop Speakers


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Had my laptop a while now (Philips X54) and I would like to be able to play my music off it a bit louder.

The built in ones are quite quiet, and on really bassy songs, it can be a little distorted at full volume.

So I'm after some cheapish speakers; in the £30 to £50 region, and something that is easy to set-up, and can be disconnected easily (i.e. just pull a plug or two and go) and similarly, I don't want to have to re-configure it when I plug them back in.....

So far, I've found this:

Speakers 1

Speakers 2

Speakers 3

Speakers 4

Last one's looked appealing as they're the same make as the Laptop, and it says they're easy to connect...... lol

any advice if these are any good?

Or any other recommendations?

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nearly all small pc speakers connect with a 3.5mm plug that goes in the headphone jack on the computer. so it's always easy to disconnect the computer from the speakers, just pull the plug.

there are millions of speakers on the market, go to a shop like pc world and have a look.....

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Other than that, get the best wattage you can get on them speakers you've linked to.

Wattage is not the be all and end all!

Before i looked at the link i was thinking you were meaning portable speakers, and if so i would certainly recomend creative's little fold up jobbies. Forking amazing for what they are.

If you are wanting proper desktop things, best quality would be book shelf speakers and hifi amp, but this is fiddly and almost certainly over budget.

In your biget i reccomend these:


They cost as mu ch as my creative desktop 2.1s did, but they are soo much better. Logitech is very good with speakers atm, i know someone withe the £200 odd set of 5.1s with HUGE sub, that is a seriously impressive bit of kit! optical conections and everything.

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