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Instant Messengers For Macs...


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Well, there is MSN for mac but it sucks. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there aren't any clients which will let you use your cam to others on the windows version of MSN, but it's been well over a year, so it's probably best to ask someone more up to date about that. (Y)

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Microsoft did a major update on Messenger:Mac about 9 months ago. It's no longer completely shit. There are certain things that annoyed me with Adium, so I use the Microsoft client. But I rarely use either, and perhaps adium has improved since I last used it. There are other ones called Proteus and Fire, Fire is supposed to be good. Worth a look perhaps?

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So what are you running at the moment? Out of interest.

I tried both Proteus and Fire, which I didn't really get along with and the last MSN I used was 5.0.

The Microsoft one... But then again I never ever use it, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about it :P

Adium is great, but it really, really bugged me how hard it was to change your status / screen name (Having to go into preferences and then click the MSN tab, and then your name). Maybe they've changed it now, that was about the only complaint, haha.

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