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Why Are They Doing This!


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before chrismas my bike was stolen out of my porch(the third one!), then tonight somone randomly smashed the drivers side window of my dads car. what do you think, and what do you think we should do (except call the police as they are bloody useless). thanks. :ermm:

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the unfortunate thing is there are alot of wan#*rs in this world.

they have nothing better to do than spoil peoples fun and cost people money.

join the mutiny against the wan#*rs :D

as for the bike situation. put it in your bedroom porches are crap im guessing it wasnt locked. if it was hard luck if it wasnt what a wally :(

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This is what i'd do:

Don't call the Police, they never come and will only make you do a statement which can take upto 3 hours, a waste of time!

Go to your local B & Q, buy a nail gun, baseball bat and balaclava! - Wait for them late at night.... You can use your imagination what to do next! (Y)

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hi mate if at the end of you drive you have a post at one end and a hedge at the other you hide in the bush with a bit of string and round the post and lay it down and once they have gone in you yard your sat in the bush and when there about to run out pull the string up tight and there beat ion up with out you touching them it worked for me and they never came back try but in stead of you in the bush get your dad to.

hope you catch the f**kin buggers.



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