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Avid Bb7 , Bb5


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I think the main difference is that the BB7 is slightly moe adjustable, This is good if you want to make it asier to set up your perfect brake, bad if you tend to land on the disk side of your forks because theres more to hit. After taking some rubbish advice off here,I bought the BB5 and its a bit pants, so I'd say spend the extra and get the B7.

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The additional adjustment in the BB7 allows to get more power out of it over the BB5 if you're no good at setting up brakes. The inner pad can be adjusted and it's position is crucial to the power of the brake. Basically the closer it is to the rotor (or even with slight drag) the stronger the brake will be. Obviously you can get that done on a BB5 but it's just more difficult because you have to shift the whole caliper as opposed to turning a knob.

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Got bb7, seen bb5. Excluding adjustability the pads in bb7 are twice bigger than in bb5, and there are some equivalents of them, ie. ones produced by jagwire.

Suprisingly bb7 is 4 grams lighter than bb5 :D

I got bb7 at 185 rotor, it`s worth cash i payed for it. With bike I weight about 100 kilos, and it never failed to block the wheel

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