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Cls's 2006 Python And His Profile Hub


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Alrite fellas,

just wondering what happened to Craig's last 2006 Python frame, (the one he used at the DJ ride) and that black profile hub he had. Did he sell it to a mate?

Also, do any shops still sell the 2006 Python brand new?


... and has Craig quit trials totally?

I beleive he gave it abdab and it snapped.

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I beleive he gave it abdab and it snapped.

No, abdab was given the frame, then abdab swapped it for a T-Rex and the Trex Snapped. Echo till strong as fook.

As for the black profile, the left flange exploded! = foooooked hub!

The python may have sold it, or hanging on his wall.

As for the 07 Was sold to phil Monks aswell as 3/4 of the bike including a king :o

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That makes me sad... but thanks, superstar, for spelling it out for me.

yeah, its a great loss to the sport but, all good things come to an end and all that...

he was a truly inspirational rider, what he did took things to a new level.

im sure he'll hop on a bike again one day.


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Craigleescott has now officially quit trials riding. He now owns nothing to do with trials.

His reason for quitting is he is so busy at uni and has no time to ride at all. Also he has his lady to consider.

Just like to add that it is a great loss. That guy is the reason i started riding.

All the best Mr Scott.


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