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Mine And My Mate Shaun's Riding From The Past Couple Of Days


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Me and Shaun are sat bored so decided to put up some pics from the last copule of days... see what you think. :)

Shaun's drop,


Shaun's drop different angle


Shaun's 15 crate drop


Me doing gap (CJ)


Luke's helmet hair from a hard day's riding lol


My injury from the day (CJ)


My bike on pallets


Luke being a silly billy lol


Shaun and Toby's bikes sat out of action, Toby's due to injury and Shaun's due to him having slight injury and a puncture lol


All in all a good day's riding, few accidents but it'll be reet wont it lol

comments welcome..

Only one pic of me riding I know but I'll get some more tomorow in town.

CJ and Suli.. (Y)

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Those are nice pics indeed. It looks like quite a fun day. Whenever I see pictures or vids on this forum, I feel an overwhelming sense of envy. There are always several people riding together, cheering in the background, laughing at your bails, and just hanging out. That is much different from the US. Everyone here is too concerned with being fat and out of shape to go partake in any good old fun! I can't wait to leave this country! Anyway, sorry about the rant. Like I said, good pics.

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