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Ebtc Round 1

Mr Rankin

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The first round was at Belhus country park. It has rather limited terrain compared with some of the bigger more popular venues, but the team who set up on thne saturday done a cracking job at using what we did have (big thanks to those of you that helped and of course the clerk (Y) ). As usual it was a muddy but managable with a bit of concerntration. Sections 1 and 2 were an accident waiting to happen, we had to cross a swamp with wobbley logs and branches all we had to do it lol.

Thanks to everybody involved, i think most people had a good laugh.

Great to see EBTC founder and legend Brian Matthews back at a club round for the first time in a couple of years, we need you brian!

Wanted to know how everybody found sunday

Fun/Not fun


cheers tom xxxxxxxx

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Hello there Tom.

I really enjoyed yesterdays trial, some very nice sections, a lot of fun.

Yeah, sections 1 and 2 were a bit iffy!. They went right on some laps, and didnt on others!

Think i had a good ride, first lap was a tad poor, kept riding my bike like it was a 20"!! A lot of stuff didnt fit haha

Would be good to hear other peoples views aswell (Y)


Was brilliant to see Brian again, the person who brought biketrials to the uk!! So be gratefull haha

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glad you had a good un scott, how did you get on points wise or are you keeping it under you helmet?lol

was sooo slippery in places!

a good turn out for the first round of the year too well done to everyone who entered (Y)

I would tell you, but dont want to anymore :P

But i know your score lol, you beat me :)


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