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Buying From America?


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i think this is a hard question, in my opioun if its mega cheap with good shipping then go for it. but just check the shipping befor you buy it. i have never had any experiance with over sea buying i would like to hear other peoples experances :)

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I havn't brought anything myself from america, but my dad buys loads of quad stuff from america & germany,

He just looks up the price, email's them asking the shipping cost, then uses a curency converter to find out the total price and thats about it realy. the shipping can be abit pricey but still works out cheaper in total than in the u.k

just make sure you find out the customs charge, usally if you ask them nicely they will send your purchased item as a gift meaning you will not have to pay custom charges :D

anyone got any links for trials shops in america?

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I live in the US, and my household contains 3 bikes bought from this country. It is very obvious that bikes are cheaper here... probably because there is little demand in this country. So, if you made the currency conversions, it may be cheaper. This is ironic, however, considering that all of the bikes would be shipped to this country from the manufacturer and then built up and shipped back to you in Europe. As my housemate says, the US is the Mexico of trials bikes. A 221ti costs $2250 US, which converts to 1153 pounds... and there is no way that it would cost 300 pounds for shipping... considering that the price on tartybikes is 1455 pounds. I can't say for sure, but I think that it might be cheaper.



I have bought from both of these sites and can say that they are both first rate!

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