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Hi i was wondering if there is a tool in need to get to get my fixed cog off my cranks if not how do i get it off.



Hi get a chain whip and a vice and put the chain round it and turn it so that the cog is coming off but if there is no budging the cog try heatinf it up a little not so that its glowing just the the metal can expand from the cranks a little = and it should come off.


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Equipment needed:


Chain whip,

A big long bar of some kind. hollow in the middle.

A blow torch.(possibly)

Step 1. Clamp crank into vice very tight.

Step 2. Wrap chain whip around the cog, (so it will turn in an anti-clockwise rotation) (Y)

Step 3.This is where the big bar is involved, The middle of the bar needs to be hollow so you can see straight through it, place the bar onto the chain whip, so you get extra lever age. (may come off easier)

If it does not work try heating the cog and the crank up. Usually works :P

It will be very hard to get off I guarantee. >_<

Hope I have helped.

Ross. (Y)

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i don't reccommend using a chain whip ,i was trying to remove the cog from my hub and the chain snapped when i was pulling hard and i ended up punching myself in the jaw :$

your best bit will be to get a old bmx chain and wrap in around the cog then clamp it in a vice ,then get a bar on the crank arm and pull till it loosens the cog .

good luck (Y)


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You will need a chain whip a vice and shear strenght to pull the cog off the crank and a hammer wouldn't go a miss just to tap on the chain as it is wrapped round the cog to loosen it all up.

My chain whip chain keeps snaping.



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